Stylish Gifts for the Career Driven Woman      

It is not always easy to find stylish gifts for the career-driven woman in your life, but this list will ensure that this time you will get her something she wants and will use, without having to resort to a gift card.

Faux-fur coat

Great for networking and to stand out in the crowd, a faux fur is more than just a trend. As fashion becomes increasingly environmentally aware, faux fur is being designed to be either kitsch glam or with a more natural arty look. Otherwise, look for a coat in pale yellow, neon or with a houndstooth pattern to follow other current trends. Check designers online such as Moschino or Stella McCartney for examples across the range and then find the perfect coat for your budget.

Earrings and pendant set

Add a little sparkle to her day with some jewellery, so that each time she sees it, she thinks of you. Jewelry is always a great Christmas gift for her, with a set of earrings on the day with a pendant to follow on Valentine’s Day next year. Combine roses in your jewelry design for a hidden message of “l love you” with red roses, a pink rose which conveys admiration and joy, or yellow roses that let her know of the joy she brings you and the friendship you share.

Micro Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Space is at a premium for most of us, but if your career-driven woman likes to relax and dance to the sounds of good music, a powerful Bluetooth speaker only slightly larger than most smart devices can provide clear high-decibel sound. Choose a speaker that is totally waterproof and has six-hour battery life on a full charge, so she can take it on vacation or to the beach or the pool.

Classic bathrobe

A luxurious, well-cut bathrobe is perfect for reading in bed after a shower or letting the dogs out first thing in the morning. Soft, warm and cosy, it is worth bearing in mind that if you are buying one for your partner, you may have to buy one for yourself, so you don’t steal hers. A bathrobe is perfect not just for getting out of the tub on cool nights, but for lounging all weekend. Wrap her in a warm cloud of soft pink, white or a range of other colours.

Cashmere sweater

An oversized v-neck cashmere sweater is also on-trend and comes in a whole range of colours from all designers and high street stores. Rust is a good colour option right now. You can choose a 75 per cent cashmere, 25 per cent silk blend for feminine elegance for a smart-casual look due to it being an oversized fit.

Blue Kindle Waterproof Paperwhite

Is it time for a new Kindle? If she’s a big reader, a new waterproof kindle was launched in 2019 and could be just what she needs. Choose the thinnest and lightest so she can use it at the beach or even when relaxing in the tub. With a glare-free display, she will still be able to easily see the words on the screen.

Leather purse in pink

She may have the perfect handbag, but if she needs a new purse to go with it, choose a zipped cardholder which contains four compartments that can hold all her bank and store cards as well as cash. A classic and elegant accessory can be easily slipped inside a jacket or bag for work or leisure without looking two bulky. Choose an eye-catching colour like vermillion or neon.