Stylish Wedding Ideas You Must Try

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Stylish Wedding Ideas You Must Try

Weddings have become a huge event these days. With so many brides to be paying particular attention to the finer details, there is no surprise that some women are choosing to organize a super stylish affair. Who can blame them? After all, you only get married once. So I thought I would share with you some of the most stylish wedding ideas you should consider.

Using your favorite movie as inspiration

Recently we have seen more weddings feature movies as inspiration for the big day. There have been some amazing weddings published in magazines and online featuring films like Harry Potter, Grease and Alice in Wonderland, to name a few. Of course, you can take the theme as far as you want to go. For example, Harry Potter weddings have seen the newlywed couples have a magic wand dual. Or a grease inspired wedding has seen the couple take on a choreographed dance during the evening reception or as their first dance. The options are endless, and anyone can find a theme through that special film that means a lot to them.

Embracing the rose gold trend

Why not embrace the new trend that is rose gold. We simply can’t get enough of it hand has seen the trend expand to weddings, home decor and even the clothing or accessories we wear and use. So using this as a theme for your wedding will make it uber trendy and stylish. You could add simple details in the venue dressing, and even have a rose gold wedding band to keep the theme going.

Make your wedding seasonal

The seasons can be a great point to start when it comes to a wedding idea. Whether you are getting married in Summer or Winter or anywhere in between, they can really inspire you for some of the major details of your wedding day. Winter provides a fantastic backdrop to envision your wedding becoming that glistening wonderland. Think about the snow and whites as your main inspiration with icicles and even ice sculptures for the more lavish of celebration. On the flip side summer is also a beautiful season to take inspiration from. Thinking of a brighter color or florals could help you create your summer wedding on the decor front. Summer could mean a flowing wedding dress, beautiful pictures captured in fields or even an outdoor ceremony. Summer can make any venue seem pretty and picturesque, the sun has a habit of making a place shine.

Use color as your main focus

Some people just choose to stick to a color theme, and you find that this tends to be one of the most popular choices for couples not wanting to be too lavish on the big day. Picking a color palette and sticking with a few choice colors really helps to keep the flow of a wedding. It also makes things like table and venue dressing much easier as you can stick with the same colors.

Using a date as inspiration

Finally, why not pick a special date as a unique idea for your wedding. You could have a glamorous wedding on new year’s eve or a romantic affair on Valentine’s Day. Even Christmas time can be a wonderful time of year to marry.

I hope this has provided you with a little inspiration for your wedding day.

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