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I spent part of my day at work yesterday researching motivational content for my online goal setting client. I came across lots of advice about exercise, clean eating and making the most of your Mondays. I discovered a few too many motivational Pinterest memes along the way too…

All of this health & fitness advice led [me to force] Hubby and I to do our first run in a while after work.  As expected, the run was great and it made me want to get back into our [long lost] exercise routine.

The problem is, I have NO idea how to start or how to keep it going…especially in the summer.

So, like all social media addicts, I turned to another blog.  Meet KathyKaehler – celebrity personal trainer, author, Mom and healthy living prep advocate. My favorite thing about Kathy’s blog is her Sunday Setup Club.  Kathy is a big fan of planning ahead. Her Sunday Setup Club helps people prep healthy meals and plan workouts before the week even starts so that no matter what it brings, you are guaranteed a fool-proof health & fitness regime.

Here are some other interesting summer work out tips from Kathy:

    • Be careful when exercising in the summer. The combination of exercise and heat increases your core body temperature and decreases the blood circulation to the muscles you’re using. Because of this strain and potential dehydration, you may get headaches more frequently.
    • Be flexible with your outdoor workouts because too much heat, direct sunlight and/or humidity can cause post-workout headaches.
    • Wear sunglasses or a baseball cap when exercising outside.
    • Try to refrain from drinking beverages that leave you parched, such as soda and excessive amounts of caffeine or alcohol.

These tips are great… if I was working out regularly. Any tips on getting back into a workout routine? 

A little background on Hubby and me: Our jobs come first, which means if we need to go into work early or stay late, working out gets the boot. When we aren’t working, we travel and go out a lot.  We don’t prioritize exercise as we should, but it’s time that we do. Another excuse I find myself making is that we live in the city which means lugging a gym bag to and from work on the el can be annoying enough to skip it all together.

Summer Giveaway

As a thank you for your tips & advice, I will select one commenter who will receive the below summer giveaway package compliments of Excedrin® Extra Strength – a brand I’m very thankful for! The giveaway includes a beach bag, towel, exercise headband and a water misting fan.
I am a paid Excedrin® Extra Strength blog ambassador. Compensation has been provided by Novartis Consumer Health, Inc., the makers of Excedrin® Extra Strength; my journey for a headache-free experience is my own.

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