The Hottest Real Estate Job Markets Today

For a young professional woman with drive and determination, there are few better job opportunities than in real estate. According to the Census Bureau, real estate jobs are growing 6% every year, totaling a huge workforce of 440,000 people. The reasons so many get involved aren’t difficult to see – a high school diploma is your ‘in’ to a median income of $47,000.

There are a multitude of reasons to become a real estate agent. Getting into the industry is relatively straightforward, but to make a success of yourself you need ambition. The opportunity, however, is certainly there – with new properties springing up all over the country, ripe for the picking. Here are some of the hottest markets.

The state of Florida

Florida is well known for its climate, international travel links and diverse wildlife. However, with real estate booming due to SpaceX’s increasing space activity and David Beckham’s Miami FC project, it’s a great market to get involved in for real estate professionals. As a result of grand developments, the real estate market continues to grow, with USA Today reporting that Florida house prices rose 12.2% as a reflection of the demand for housing.

What’s more working in real estate in Florida isn’t limited to traditional realtor roles. The condo market in Florida is booming and this creates the need for other real estate professionals. This includes licensed community association managers who ensure association-run homes and properties meet expectations of their residents. On-site, portfolio and large-scale association managers work to deliver effective association management of condos, homeowners’ associations and cooperatives amongst other shared-ownership homes and projects.

Virginia’s own beach

Like Florida, Virginia Beach encapsulates a pleasant climate with good regional location for traveling. One of the nation’s newer cities, incorporated in 1906, it encompasses a wide range of free cities, the gaps between each have been filled over the years. Now, it’s a bustling resort down, with huge $26.3m hotel developments coming to town and a big chunk of VA’s 45m tourists coming over. Real estate is rising, and this has been exemplified by big players taking up 800 square foot offices on the front – this is good news for lower level agents, as it’s always advantageous to get on the side of a big broker when starting out ,regardless of state.

Be aware, like other states, that VA has specific requirements, including a written exam and a minimum work hour commitment.

Anaheim and Fontana

No article on real estate would be complete without a nod to California. Whilst San Francisco’s famously ferocious market sees house prices balloon to an average of $1.6m, according to realty website Curbed, the situation downstate remains relatively calm, whilst still offering good prices to get real estate agents all-important commission. The market is great for employability, as a wide-ranging survey by WalletHub found Fontana to be the number one place for new real estate agents. As always, ensure your license is correct for the state, and try and find a bigger agent to attach yourself too – there will be lots of opportunities to come, as Fontana remains a huge trucking hub and a potential dormitory town for LA and it’s environs. Don’t think any job is too small, as you could be racking up dozens of quick sales.

Becoming a real estate agent is a tough but rewarding challenge. Between learning the trade and picking up your licenses, it’s important to identify exactly where you want to ply your trade. Find a spot that suits your personality, check out the market, and make a success of yourself.