The International Foods We Love

international foods

Some of your favorite foods and beverages were not created in the United States. International foods were introduced in the U.S. long ago, and we have loved it ever since.

Coffee and Latte

You start your day off with a cup of coffee or a warm latte, neither of which originate from the U.S. They have been here for so long that most people think they were created here. Coffee and lattes are so easy to love because they are addictive. The caffeine in these drinks makes you crave them. It’s also an easy way to wake up when you are still tired, also because of the caffeine. You can do creative things with lattes, which make them even more enjoyable. You can add flavored syrups to them for flavor and designs. Monin Canada has a variety of flavored syrups for you to choose from.


A churro is a fried dessert with cinnamon-sugar on it. Churros can be found in almost any place in America, but they aren’t originally from here. Churros are a Spanish dessert. They are so popular because they are easy to make. If you want to get creative after you sprinkle the sugar, pour some flavored syrup on it. It will give your churro an entirely different taste. Churros are also easy to eat. The dessert is a hand dessert. You don’t need silverware or a plate like you do with most desserts.

Chinese Food

You can find Chinese restaurants all over America. Chinese food is eaten regularly at work, at home, or even at school. Chinese food has become very popular in America. The reason for this is the authentic taste and affordable prices. Americans love fast food because of the price, not quality. When you buy Chinese food, you get both. You also get a taste of food from somewhere you might want to go. Eating Chinese food feels like traveling without leaving. You are partaking in the Chinese culture.


Spaghetti is an American favorite that doesn’t belong to us. You can go to restaurants and enjoy spaghetti or cook it at home. Spaghetti is a convenient dish, which is why everyone loves it. When you buy it in restaurants, it doesn’t cost much. When you want to cook it at home, it doesn’t cost much because it doesn’t take much to prepare it. Spaghetti only requires noodles, meat if you want, and sauce. It doesn’t take hours to cook like other meals, unless you want to make a traditional slow-cooking sauce. Spaghetti is a meal everyone in your house will love.

Curry Chicken

Curry Chicken is a Jamaican dish. Jamaican food is another American favorite. All Jamaican dishes are filled with flavor and sauces. It’s something different for Americans to try. Curry is a hit because it’s something simpler Americans can recreate if they wish too. They can make the curry sauce and prepare it how they wish. They could make curry shrimp or curry fish if they want because it’s only the sauce. The other dishes are a little more complicated than that. It is also a way to embrace another culture.

Japanese Food

Japanese food, like sushi, is a hit in America. There are tons of Japanese restaurants in America. Japanese restaurants offer a variety of different dishes. They have Japanese flavored chicken and noodles, amongst other things. People love Japanese food because they want to be able to be versatile. If they want something unique to eat, they go to the Japanese restaurant. They also have convenient foods, like sushi, that they love. Japanese food has an elegant yet satisfying taste, and Americans can’t get enough.

Embracing International Foods

Americans like to try different things and think outside the box. Eating foods from other places is a fun way to do that. You are embracing other cultures without having to leave home. When you eat international foods from other places, you feel like you have been to that place. Food can be a way to connect with people. When you eat like the people who live there, you are connecting with them and their way of life.