The Top Cities for Marketing Jobs in the US

There has never been a better time to get into marketing. The industry is changing and adapting with the growth of the internet, blog marketing, content marketing,  and social media. More people than ever are using marketing companies to help them promote their businesses or products.  And more marketers are able to work remotely online. Wherever you live or choose to work, marketing could be a great career option.  But these seven cities in particular are where you could have a very successful career as a marketing professional.

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New York City

New York may be one of the first places you’d think of in terms of marketing jobs, and you’d be right. With many brands focusing on New York, it’s a hive of opportunity.  Sales from New York city can really change the fortunes of a company, so they want the very best marketing teams helping them.


Across Chicago there are currently an estimated 9200 marketing managers. It’s a thriving industry and this would be a great time to join it.


Atlanta currently has the fastest growing marketing industry in the country. More companies are seeking out marketing professionals.  So it’s a great time to progress in a career in marketing, as there are so many jobs available.

San Francisco

With a massive financial industry,  and proud of its place half way between London and Tokyo, San Francisco has a wealth of marketing jobs available. Banking is one of the industries really using modern marketing strategies to its advantage. Newly qualified marketers with knowledge of internet based marketing strategies would be a real asset here.


Austin has become one of the top cities in the world for any tech jobs. Google, Facebook, Apple and eBay are among those big companies that have offices there. Wherever there’s an abundance of big business, there is a need for marketing.


Denver has ranked 8th on a list of most entry level jobs for graduates.  It’s a great place to start your marketing career,  and it’s a great city for young professionals looking to make a career for themselves.


Raleigh is a much smaller city, but its university network with surrounding cities has made it a growing hub for financial, retail and software industries. It’s a very young city, with a lot of graduates choosing to stay to raise families. This could be a great time to start a marketing career in Raleigh, working with up and coming companies to really build a great reputation.

While these cities are those with fantastic job opportunities at the moment, you can make a career in marketing work for you from anywhere. It could even  be argued that working from a small town, with current limited options,  would give you an advantage, as there would be less competition for your services. Marketing professionals are needed all over the world.  If you are considering studying for a marketing degree online, don’t be put off if you don’t want to work in one of these cities.  For those studying for online marketing degrees, there are countless opportunities to start a successful and profitable career.

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