Six Things That Let You Get Through Your Day

Your day at work is busy and sometimes you may even feel tired, stressed or overwhelmed. Luckily, there are several ways to change your current status, pick yourself up and make it through without incident.  Here are six to help you get through your day.

Fill your belly and mind with nutritious foods

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, yet many people bypass it because they run out of time. A quick and effective solution to give you more time to get dressed and eat healthily is to set the clock ahead 15 to 20 minutes or get to bed earlier. Burning the candle at both ends is doing you out of the nutrition you need to get off to a good start and increase your productivity. If you order out for lunch several times a week you are more than likely taking in heavy calories. This will cause you to feel tired and lethargic shortly after, making the afternoon workload take much longer to do. Instead, plan your meals out with healthy ingredients and bring your lunch to work. Without the proper nutrition, your brain power is likely to decrease, as well as your ability to focus to perform daily tasks.

Coffee breaks

The mid-afternoon tired feeling is easily corrected with a hot cup of coffee or tea. Many mid-size and larger companies now use a coffee service. Take advantage of this office perk that literally perks you up giving you renewed energy to take on the second half of your workday. If you work in a small office, see if your boss will approve a standard coffee pot.

Take a walk

After you eat your lunch, get up, take a walk and stretch your legs. This will help to improve your circulation and get your blood pumping. It also helps to clear your head. Sometimes when you sit too long your focus level begins to fade. By taking a walk you’re freeing up your mind and improving your chances of coming up with new ideas and solving problems.

yoga studio


Practice Yoga 3 to 4 times each week

Yoga is more than just a way to get your body into excellent physical condition. It also improves brain power, focus, and mental stability. Unlike a regular exercise routine, yoga unifies the body and the mind as one. It transfers you to a state of total relaxation washing away the stress while helping to trim away the fat. By creating a unified force you become driven, empowered and clear-headed. This transfers over to the workplace giving you the ability to tackle whatever your boss throws your way.

Get organized

Chaos breeds chaos and that’s the truth. If your home and your desk at work are in disarray, you are automatically causing yourself a setback. Instead, take a few minutes at work and a few hours at home and rid yourself of the mess. Getting and staying organized promotes positive results. For one, it clears your mind of the to-do list that waits for you at home. Secondly, staying organized frees up valuable time at the end of each day for you. A messy desk may also have papers with expiring deadlines sitting well beneath the pile. This can cause you to miss your targeted date and possibly even factor into whether or not you receive a promotion.

A good night’s rest

When was the last time you enjoyed a completely restful night’s sleep? Sleep is something you need and probably don’t get enough of. If you sleep less than the suggested 7 to 8 hours each night, chances are you are not functioning to your best ability. This spills over to your relationship, your children and of course, your job. If you are constantly feeling like you walk around in a fog do things at night to help you fall asleep earlier. Eliminate caffeine after 7, avoid sugars late night and create an environment that promotes sleep. This means you turn off the television and put the Smartphone down. Try instead, taking a hot bath with scented candles like lavender to help you unwind and fall asleep.

There are many ways to get through each day successfully. Find out what’s making you less than you and make the necessary changes to improve your life.



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