Three Keys to Success in Your Career and Your Life

Today’s post is by Lydia Whitney.

Yes, Virginia, you can have it all: a successful career doing something you love and a life outside of that career. The key is to find balance. And it’s not as hard as you may think – especially if you understand the three keys to life success: Academic Readiness, Emotional Readiness and Logistical Readiness.

We all know that basic academic skills are necessary for school and college success. What many people overlook is the fact that these and related cognitive and study skills are ALSO essential to life-long learning and success in everyday living. In today’s world, just working the credit card reader at a new store may well involve applying multiple cognitive skills. And it’s hard to think of a job these days that doesn’t involve some type of ongoing continuing education or updated on-the-job training on a regular basis. Our world is run by technology, and technology is continually changing – requiring us to learn new skills in order to use it. For this reason, it’s important to make certain that you have and continually strengthen your overall Academic Readiness skills.

But there is far more to managing both your career and personal life than just being able to keep up with emerging technology and continual learning. Emotional and social intelligence have recently come into the spotlight. Research has shown that the skills and knowledge related to understanding and handling emotions and social interactions are actually far more important to career and life success than the more familiar academic skills. This is why Emotional Readiness skills are essential to success in any career, as well as in your personal life.

Finally, there are practical everyday skills and abilities that we all need to have in order to take control of our lives. Dealing with credit, learning to budget, understanding leases and mortgages… there is an endless list of everyday knowledge and skills that we are expected to understand, but are often not taught. These Logistical Readiness skills are the third key to successfully living an independent life and balancing that life with a busy career.

Luckily, the Internet provides us with a wide range of tools and resources that we can use to help us in understanding, assessing and improving our Academic, Emotional and Logistical Readiness. Online training skills providers are also a great help in achieving these goals and easily get certified with an organization like Rose Training. Sometimes, we simply need to know where to find them. makes it easy with the free STEP Resource Guide, an online reference text featuring an organized Table of Contents with a multitude of hot links to websites that can assist you in all three of these readiness areas. By strengthening your readiness skills, you will find it easier to manage your personal and professional relationships while taking care of practical issues – and living your life with far less stress.

Lydia Whitney

Lydia Whitney is the Director of Curriculum & Instruction for Winning STEP™ College, Career and Transition Planning. She is the author of the Transition Readiness Preparation Guide, which focuses on how to understand, assess and improve your individual Academic, Emotional and Logistical Readiness, as well as numerous other texts designed to assist individuals in preparing for independence and success. Learn more about these publications and programs at

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