Three Steps To Building Your Personal Brand

promoting your brand

Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, a freelance worker or just hoping to make a name for yourself in a particular industry, building your personal brand is something that will stand you in good stead. The Internet has democratised so many things and now with access to social media you can build a following and get noticed – the first step in attracting opportunities. But with so many other people also out to do the same thing, it is also getting more challenging to really stand out.

The key to differentiation? That lies in creating an authentic personal brand. It’s what sets you apart from others, leaves a lasting impression with people and compels them to find out more. It gives a human face to what you do and the values that you stand for, which makes it easier for people to connect with you. So how do you go about creating your own personal brand?

Find Your Authenticity

People can sense authentic others, and they are irresistibly drawn to them. So finding values which ring true to you is an essential base to build your personal brand from. It’s not about creating a false persona – it’s about identifying the things you’re passionate about and that make you yourself and choosing to focus on them. Take a moment to evaluate your skills, your interests and what you believe in and think about how you can apply that to the world.

Think About Your Target Audience

In creating your brand, you also need to think about who exactly you are trying to connect with. This will affect how you position yourself and the channels that you focus the most amount of effort on. Not everyone is the person you need to connect with, so be clear on the specific focus that you have – whether that is a group of investors in your industry that you want to target in the future, or industry figureheads you may be in a position to offer you a career boost.

Work out ways to connect with that sector and that audience. Build your network with that audience through joining LinkedIn groups or attending networking events. A personal brand will help you to quickly create connections and get known as a thought leader within your industry. Don’t sit on the fence too much- you need to have an opinion in order to stand out and convince others.

Showcase Your Expertise

Now that you have defined what brand to create, you need to showcase what you can do. Create a website where you can showcase your skills, add a portfolio of work and consider adding content such as opinion pieces or white papers. When you make this website primed for search engine optimisation you will be positioning yourself perfectly for the right people to see what you do and connect with you – learn more about making your website SEO friendly. You should also join some relevant online forums where you can join in on current topics and further establish yourself as an expert.