Three Stereotypically Masculine Jobs In Which Women Also Excel

"masculine" jobs in which women also excel

We sadly live in a very gendered world; everything from colors (blue for boys, and pink for girls) to toys (blocks for boys, and dolls for girls). Jobs are not immune from these false dichotomies of gender. Doctors and surgeon are masculine jobs, while nurses are seen as more feminine. Being a pilot is thought to be a man’s job, while being part of the cabin crew is for women.

The list of stereotypically gendered jobs is astoundingly long. While in past decades it may have been more difficult for women to break through into masculine perceived jobs, more and more women are currently doing all sorts of jobs that many would assume to be only suitable for men. As a woman, if you want to do something you should not let society’s outdated gender norms hold you back! Here are three stereotypically masculine jobs that women are doing and excelling in too.

Truck driver

Truck driving is definitely a profession that is thought of to be very masculine, and it is rather male dominated. But there are an increasing number of female long haul truck drivers in the United States, with an estimate of 200 000 women. There is no inherent reason why women cannot be truck drivers, and many are discovering this and reaping the benefits from entering the industry. The trucking industry has many job opportunities for those looking.

In addition, the money you can make from being a truck driver is not too shoddy! You can earn from $0.27 to $0.40 cents per mile you travel as a trucker. When being paid in this way, your overall salary will of course depend on the number and nature of routes you drive.  If you are interested in starting a career in trucking, check out the article “How to Start a Trucking Company“.


Needing a combination of mathematical and scientific skills; this industry has been, and still is to a large degree, dominated by men. However, with more and more programs and organizations focusing on encouraging young girls to sustain their interests in STEM subjects throughout high school, more girls are choosing to enroll in engineering degrees at college. With a range of sub-specialties to choose from, chemical engineering, civil engineering, mechatronics as well as many others, there are a variety of engineering paths you can choose to take. It’s a fascinating industry where you learn so much and get to help find solutions to real life problems.

female firefighter 1115


Many children wish of growing up to be a firefighter.  But out of those who do, very few of them are women. Being a firefighter is seen by the public as primarily a masculine job, that may not be suited to women. Strength and size of the average woman is often cited as reasons why women would not be as good firefighters as men. However, in certain circumstances, having a smaller build may actually come in handy as a firefighter.  For example, in situations where you need to fit through a small opening in order to save a child. So, if you  want to be a fire fighter, don’t let the fact that you are a woman stop you!


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