Tips for Finding a Commitment-Oriented Man: A Guide to Choosing the Best Partner

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Do you want someone who’s committed to your relationship? Or are you finding men who are all about careers and not willing to settle down?

Many things can attract a guy, but finding a commitment-oriented man is not one click away. It would be best to find someone who wants the same things you do in life, with the same goals and values. 

With these tips, you’ll be able to get out of the dating game and into the forever game in no time!

How to Know if the Man Is Ready to Be In a Committed Relationship

You meet one person with goals, and you get butterflies. He appears to be the perfect match. Despite this, you keep thinking if it’s for the long-term relationship or only for courtship.

Here are the signs to help you figure out if someone is ready to make a long-term commitment to you. 

He wants to be in your presence.

Most men are quite straightforward beings. When the right man is ready to commit, he will spend time with you and invest in you. If he doesn’t contact you, it suggests he isn’t interested in continuing the conversation.

You have the freedom to be your true, unguarded self.

Being committed heartedly has the advantage of allowing you to develop self-esteem. There are no masks or pretenses.

The ability to be one’s genuine self is a sign that a man is ready to commit. Not all men are like this, so once he develops personal growth, this shows he’s serious about you.


When a man is sincere about a person, he will not let him lose her. He won’t cancel plans at the last minute and leave you hanging.

In other words, a guy who makes every effort not to flake demonstrates that he genuinely cares and values the time you spend together. Beyond that, he’ll be there if you need him, or at least make every effort to be there. 

He develops plans for the future.

Making future plans can refer to more practical aspects of life, such as moving in together, talking about sex life, or getting engaged. When the right man is ready to commit, he will talk about the future with you freely and openly. Besides, he intends to put his words into action. 

Be able to share passions

When a male likes a girl, one of the most important things they do is share their interests. When the right guy has a passion for something and is passionate about a female, he will want to share it with her, whether it’s a ski lodge or surfing spot. He doesn’t expect her to share his passions, though that is usually a big deal. 

He puts you at the top of his priority list.

When men and women are ready to commit, they prioritize their partners. The man is there for you, makes time for you. It shows you that you are at the top of his priority and full responsibility for his actions.

4 Tips to Find the Commitment-Oriented Man You Desire

Most women ask, “Are males all utterly commitment-phobic?” Not all.

Here are tips on finding the emotionally available man who is ready to commit to you.

Set a high bar for yourself, and don’t settle for anything less. 

Take a look around — are you living the life you’ve always desired? Do you think you have already found the love of your life?

In dating, don’t settle for less. Remember that some relationships develop quickly through stages, while others take years to complete.

Be willing to learn more about the man, may it be in online dating or face to face.

Does your partner possess the signs and qualities mentioned above? Of course, some guys will seek to use women. So, you must pay close attention to men’s actions rather than just listening to what they say.

Trust your instincts when meeting new people. Remember that, in the end, being a little more vulnerable with others around you will go a long way in helping you look for your true love.

Resolve your dating patterns

More women are eager to return to dating while still unhealed from previous dating encounters that have largely followed the same pattern. To put it another way, they’ll attract and have the same experience with a different man. So, it’s time to perform deep work on your dating traumas and patterns if you haven’t already. 

Show what you feel.

Playing games in dating is the worst thing you can do. Don’t tease your lover; don’t lavish love and affection on nice deeds. You must always ensure that your lover feels appreciated for you to know if he’s in deep commitment.

Wrap up

Many women are not afraid to encounter a commitment-phobic man, so they enter a relationship with their walls up and a sense of uneasiness. This is the very worst way to begin dating.

Look for commitment examples in the world around you, and follow the tips for finding a commitment-friendly partner online. Put everything you’ve learned into practice so you can have a truly loving and passionate relationship.

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