Tips For Starting a New Job Online

remote learning

If you’re looking to change careers or start a new job, it’s a slightly different process than it once was. With many businesses now working remotely, it’s more than likely that when you do start it will be done solely online. Although rare before the pandemic, this route has become more of the norm ever since restrictions came into place.

But even though the prospect of working from home can be exciting for many, giving you increased flexibility and a better work-life balance, starting a new job in this way does come with its own set of unique challenges. Let’s explore how you can prepare for starting a new job online.

What are the unique challenges of starting a job online?

As fun as the thought of starting a job online might be, there are more challenges to be aware of than you might think. From managing your own schedule and time to the blurred line between personal and work life, it’s important to make a note of each one and work out how you’ll overcome them if they crop up.

Getting your home office set up

Getting your office or working space set up before you start is a must. You’ll need to be comfortable and have a respectable background because you’re still representing your new company, despite working from home. If your employer isn’t providing you with all the equipment you need and you don’t have savings on hand, a long-term loan could help fund the likes of an ergonomic desk or chair to protect your health and wellbeing. It’s important to ensure you’ll be able to keep up with the monthly repayments if you do apply for a loan. 

It’s also important to try and have a separate working space to help you differentiate between your personal life and professional life!

Treat each day like a real day at work

Whatever you do, don’t get into the habit of getting up at 8:45am, rolling to your desk and then breaking off to make breakfast at 9:30am. Treat every day like a real day in the office – allow yourself time to wake up and get washed/dressed, enjoy your breakfast and make yourself a hot cup of your favourite drink.

Ask questions, then ask some more

It may be odd not being able to ask your boss or colleagues questions face to face, but don’t be afraid to ask them virtually. Whether you’re sat in your induction with HR or making a start on your new workload, don’t sit in silence. Asking questions is also a great way to show your new team and manager you’re engaged and ready to learn!

Spend time getting to know your colleagues

You won’t have as many opportunities to get to know the people you work with as you would’ve done if you were in the office, so make sure you dedicate some time to this. Whether it’s a quick chat over Teams or an in-person meet up in a local park or coffee shop, you’re going to be spending a lot of time working with them so get to know the real them!

Switch off when you finish for the day

One of the best things you can do when working from home is making sure you switch off when the day finishes. Close your laptop down, turn off your work phone and mentally switch off from the day. This will help you balance your work and personal life out.