Top 10 causes you need to know about pain and swelling in joints

pain and swelling in joints

There are many reasons why you can get joint pain and only a proper diagnosis will determine the actual cause for the condition. In most cases, arthritis or some sort of infection of the joints leads to pain and swelling in the area. You may also get joint pain due to cancer especially when it is related to the bone region. For treating regular arthritis and other inflammation related problems associated with joints, most doctors prescribe hifenac medication and you can enquire about the hifenac P dosage before using them to treat your problem. The dosage depends on the intensity of the problem and your overall health condition and age. Make sure to follow the guidelines given by your doctor properly with regards to the dosage to get the best results out of the medication.

Here are some possible causes of Pain and swelling in joints:

Rheumatoid arthritis

This condition can affect anyone and inflammation is the main reason for this arthritis. It is often seen that this condition even affects children. The condition causes severe swelling and pain in the hands, feet and knee region. The best way to treat this condition is to use the proper hifenac P dosage for the duration prescribed by your doctor. This can provide good relief from pain in the long run.


The joints in our body go through lot of wear and tear and this gets worse with old age. This type of arthritis is the result of such problems and generally elderly people suffer from such joint pain. However, you can use the hifenac P dosage in the prescribed format and get effective relief from such problems. It is a non-steroidal drug and it can easily reduce inflammation in the joints.

Ankylosing spondylitis

This type of arthritis affects the joints at the lower region of the spine and you need to be very careful about this condition. It can hamper your overall lifestyle due to joint pain and you can even get crippled completely when treatment is not provided at the right time. Hifenac P medication is very effective in treating this condition and you can choose the right hifenac P dosage to get effective relief in quicktime. Do not miss any dosage and do not use the medication on your own without getting prescription from your doctor.

Psoriatic arthritis

A small portion of people suffering from psoriasis develop this type of arthritis. In this situation, emphasis is given to treating the psoriasis and you have to use pain killer medication to treat the joint pain and swelling. Other than that, you should also look for ways to build your immune system so that the joints can stay safe in future from such problems.

Infectious arthritis

Bacterial infections can often lead to this condition and it can cause severe pain in the joint region. The source of the infection may not be the joints and it can be any other region of the body. The infection usually travels to the joints and causes severe swelling and pain. Most doctors prescribe antibiotics in this situation to provide complete relief from the symptoms. The good thing about this sort of arthritis is that they can be easily treated within quicktime and you can get long term relief once the infection is completed treated. Unlike other forms of arthritis, the symptoms are usually temporary and you can get total relief within few weeks of treatment.


You should also be aware of the fact that any form of external injury can cause pain and swelling in the joint region. Make sure to wear proper protection gear if you are involved in risky activities and always follow the guidelines of your doctor to treat such conditions. In some cases, it is also noticed that repetitive stress on the joints can also lead to joint pain. In this situation, physiotherapy may be suggested and you need to take adequate rest to get relief from joint pain. If your joints are injured in an accident, you may have to seek surgery or other treatment to get long term relief from joint pain and other associated symptoms.


Bone cancer and other forms of cancer can cause joint pain and swelling in most cases. Even other forms of cancer can spread to the bone region and cause severe inflammation of the joints. The only option left in that situation is to use pain killer medication and emphasis is given to treating the cancer. Patients need long term treatment in this situation and the pain may come and go several times during the treatment process.


The excessive production of uric acid in the body often leads to this type of arthritis and this causes severe swelling and pain in the joints. In most cases, it affects the big toe and it can be very painful. In some cases, the uric acid is produced in excess quantity and they get deposited in the form of crystals in the joints. This causes inflammation and patients suffer from pain and swelling in the affected joints. It can affect more than one joint at a time and you need to get proper treatment at the right time to avoid further complications as the crystals of uric acid can even get deposited in the kidney.

Septic arthritis

This condition is the result of infection in the joint region and it can happen even when the joints are not directly affected by the germs. In most cases, the infection causing germs get into the bloodstream and they reach the joints. It can cause severe pain and you should get medical treatment at the earliest to avoid complications in the long run. The infection is usually surgically removed and some medication is prescribed to control further infection in the body that can trigger joint pain.

Weak immune system

When the immune system is very weak, the body becomes susceptible to various infections and this can lead to arthritis and other associated problems in future. People suffering from kidney related ailments or diabetes often suffer from weak immune system as the drugs used to treat such conditions suppress the immunity of the body. In this situation, you should eat healthy food and stay away from alcohol and other harmful drugs that can cause inflammation in the body.