Top 4 Elements to Include in Employee Health Benefits

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When was the last time you reviewed the range of medical benefits provided to your employees? Provincial health plans are excellent, but there are still some areas where your employees could use some extra support. Being the type of business owner you happen to be, taking proper care of your employees matters. Spend some time today reviewing the current health benefits and make sure these four elements are present.

A Health Spending Account

Health spending accounts work very well in tandem with employee health insurance as well as provincial health coverage. Essentially, these directed plans provide the funds needed to pay any out of pocket expenses associated with the different treatments covered in those insurance plans. The funds are kept on tap and can be drawn upon when needed. They can be helpful just about any time, but they are particularly helpful if an employee needs some type of prolonged medical care and the health insurance does not cover all the expenses.

Coverage for Alternative Medical Treatments

What happens if your employee believes some alternative treatment would help with an ailment, but that treatment is not covered by the health insurance currently in place? Do you really want the employee to settle for a less effective treatment that is covered? Of course not. It is possible to secure a health plan that will cover what other types of coverage does not. That means if your employee believes a treatment like acupuncture would help with a condition, the resources are there to help with the costs.

Prescription and Vision Coverage

Perhaps some additional health insurance employee benefits solutions for things like prescription medications or a new pair of glasses or contact lenses is in order. You certainly want employees to take whatever medicine they need. As it relates to vision coverage, employees who can use glasses or contact lenses to enjoy a higher level of visual acuity will certainly manage their assigned tasks with greater ease.

Remember the benefits aren’t just about covering the cost of a new pair of glasses or making sure a prescription filled. The benefits also apply to vision examinations, consultants with pharmacists, and other matters directly related to these two forms of medical care.

Benefits for Catastrophic Events

What if a medical emergency required critical care for an extended period of time? Would the benefits already in place be sufficient to cover the expenses? If the answer is no, something must be done. By looking at ways to enhance the current health benefits offered through the company, you ease the stress that would interfere with the recovery process. An employee who can focus on getting better will be back to work sooner than later.

Does your assessment of the current health benefits offered confirm that you could do better? If so, today is the day to talk with a provider who can help. Take your list of issues you want to discuss and find out what that provider can do. You may be surprised at how easy and cost-effective it is to offer more to your employees and ensure they really do have adequate coverage.