Top 5 Challenges Facing new Businesses

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As a new business owner, you can appreciate the hard work and determination needed to keep it running smoothly. There will always be surprises, but if you plan well, you should not be affected too badly. Unfortunately, sometimes things happen that you are not prepared for or have the experience to understand. In these cases, you need to consult a specialized business litigation attorney to help you through.

Here are the top 5 challenges that small businesses face today.

Market Research

Conducting proper market research is the key to growing your business. This includes knowing your target audience and making sure they see your marketing. Sometimes, however, the marketing strategy you have created, doesn’t work as well as you hoped. It can make things hard for a new business to build new leads.

Reviewing your marketing strategy is vital to ensure you are always on top of any problems. If you are targeting a particular group, maybe changing to another group will yield better results.

Business Plan

Is your business plan working? Some new companies try to grow too quickly and lose their focus. You have to concentrate on one market initially so you can make that successful. Once you have done that, you can move on to other ideas.

You need to know how much your company will make and how much capital you will need to do it. These are the things that will give your business the direction it needs.


Many new businesses fail because they underestimate how much money they need to survive initially. Most of the time, it can take two years or more before you start to see a profit. This means you need to have the funds available to get you through that time.

It also means avoiding buying expensive office equipment until you have the spare cash to do so.


A big problem with new businesses is litigation. There might be a challenge to copyright or patents, or you may have a partner that wants to leave the company. Having a business litigation attorney is a good idea because they can help you deal with these issues and hopefully resolve them quickly.

You need to get a lawyer who has the experience in business litigation so that they understand the laws and conditions of this type of case.


When you first start your company, you will have to price your products or services at a fair price. If you try to cut your prices, you might not be able to cover the cost of manufacture.

Until you have an established customer base and a good relationship with your clients, you need to charge what the product is worth.

These issues can all be resolved fairly quickly, so you should be able to get your company back on track. The best thing to remember is to do all this work before you start your business. That way, you will not lose any money making these mistakes.