Top 5 Trending Winter Hairstyles Of 2021

Winters are all about exploring your options of coats and hairstyles. It is the only season where the hairstyles last long. Hair extensions have been used in pulling various hairstyles for a long time. They are either synthetic or natural and have helped women across the globe to add length, volume, and fullness to their hair. With hair extensions, it’s easy to achieve your dream hairstyles with convenience. Winter is here finally and it’s time to get your favorite winter hairstyle for a perfect look. In this blog, we will run you through amazing short and long hairstyles of the year 2021.

Pixie Haircut

The pixie haircut is trending these days for its bold and sleek look. Many celebrities have also been seen pulling this haircut and rocking it. It’s for those who are looking forward to having short hair this winter. The best thing about a pixie haircut is that it can go with almost every look. It’s easy to maintain this haircut and follow your hair care routine. 


Ponytails have seemed to be trending this fall and chances are it’s going to stay for a while. Ponytails give you a couple of options to mix and match with your outfit. There are low and high ponytails. With a low ponytail usually, the hair is straightened. On the other hand, with a high ponytail, lower loose curls are preferred. The hairstyle is loved by everyone and gives you an elegant option to go with. 

Twisted Buns

Twisted buns are another timeless hairstyle that women prefer as it goes with almost everything. It gives you an instantly elegant look with minimum effort. Twisted buns are especially loved by working ladies as it’s pretty practical. You can also go with high buns or braided low buns to have a perfect winter look. Buns go well with almost any look from formal to casual, it’s your best shot. 

Super-long Hair

Super-long hair that reaches beneath the hip is trending for a time now. If you want to pull this off and don’t want to wait until your hair grows, maybe it’s time you start thinking of getting hair extensions. It will not only add length to your natural hair but also prevent it from harsh weather as they are weather resistant. In addition, you can dye them as well and get your dream hair look. Find out more about hair extensions types to know what works for you best. 

Side Part

The side part is one of the hairstyles that gives an instant voluminous look with minimum effort. It almost goes with any outfit. You can either pair it with loose curls or a simple blow dry would do the job. A side part is a classic hair look that suits almost everyone. If you want a more voluminous hair look, go for a deep side part to rock that lively look.

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