Top 6 Flight Tracking Apps in 2019


I know that traveling in a peak season can be stressful and generally not a relaxing experience. Fear not! There is always a way to handle the challenges in the best possible way.  Issues faced while traveling on a holiday weekend or during a business trip can be resolved by taking into account some handy little things known as flight tracker apps.

What are flight tracker apps? These are applications on your mobile phones or tablet and are used to track the flight timings, delays, cancellation, and other related information quickly.

In this competitive world of technology, there are various flight tracking apps to quickly get updated information about travel.

Here are some of the best flight tracking apps, which will help you to stay up-to-date.

Let’s get started….

#1- Flight View

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Flight view is one of the most convenient ways to get real-time status of your flight directly from your mobile devices. To download this application, you don’t have to pay a single penny as it is available in both free and paid versions.

Flight view application offers various flight tracking features like the ability to search the flights and see their related information 360 days in advance, calendar integration, share trip itineraries via emails, display airline reservation numbers, send push alerts of the flight status to the travelers on a regular basis, display current radar weather, etc.

If you use the free version of Flight View, then you will encounter some ads.  If you want to use more efficient features, you have to pay a few dollars.

Are you an iPhone user and wanna use flight view application? Don’t Worry! It is available for both Android and iOS.

#2- Flight Aware

As of today, this is the most efficient travel app in providing accurate data.   It will help you to track your flight and get up-to-date information. Suppose you want to travel with United Airlines.   Simply enter United airline ticket number and flight number to get all detailed information related to your trip like arrival time, departure dates, etc.

Source: flightview

When I want to track my flight status and get updated information, I prefer using the Flight Aware tracking app as it shows the data within a few seconds.

If you are planning to pick someone at the airport, then flight aware will assist you with accurate information about flight arrival time. Not a frequent mobile user?  Don’t worry! Flight Aware will push all the notifications to your device whenever updated. So, relax and stop wondering!

#3- Flight Hero

Flight Hero is another flight tracker app which you can track your flight status easily via Android phone. By using this particular application, one can access real-time information from anywhere at any time such as departure date, flight boarding details, arrival dates, airport traffic details, weather forecast 10 days ahead, etc.

If you want to know actual flight speed and position, this application will provide you with detailed information and also has a push notification option whenever flight status changes.

Through this application, you will also get a seating map for free.  Are you ready to board at an appropriate time? Use Flight Hero.

#4- Flightrader24

Flightrader24 is another excellent and accurate live flight tracking app which is available for Android, iPad and iPhone. Similar to other flight applications like Flight Aware, you can easily get an estimation of flight arrival time, and check other related information such as current delay stats, flight status etc.

It is available in both a free and paid version. The paid version of Flightrader24 is further divided into two categories- silver and gold.

Each set of paid version offers its own features.  If you upgrade to silver version you can easily check flight history 90 days before, flight details, aircraft details, find new flights, and current weather at 3,000+ airports.

But, by upgrading to gold status, you will get all the features offered in Flightrader silver, Aeronautical chats, and show controllers who are responsible for air traffic control boundaries, etc.

I think spending some money and getting these features is worth it.

#5- Gate Guru

Have you ever missed your flight? It may be because you are unfamiliar with an updated arrival or departure time.

How to avoid this? The mobile phone is the best possible way to resolve this issue. You just have to download Gate Guru app to customize door-to-door adventure and track basic flight tracking capabilities.

Once you set all the flight details, you can easily check the weather conditions, flight details, last minute deals, and airport amenities.  And it has 35,000 user reviews on iOS and Android.

What are you waiting for? Roll up your sleeves to takeoff without wasting time.

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#6- Plane Finder

This is another option which you can get for free. It is one of the top-ranked live flight tracking app since 2009.

There are three different forms of Plane Finder that are:

  • Plane Finder Lite
  • Plane Finder
  • Plane Finder AR

You can download the respective application to enjoy its powerful features and use its efficient services.

If you download Plane Finder Lite, you will get the shortest list of features like you can only track real-time flight information. If you want to use excellent services, upgrade to the full version- Plane Finder.

You can access the Plane Finder application for iOS, and Android and use its tremendous features which include route data, alerts, flight arrival and departure updates, etc.

One of the best feature offered by Plane Finder is Augmented reality features. By downloading the Plane Finder AR app, which is available for iOS, you can find pertinent information related to your flight just by pointing your phone in the sky. Furthermore, you will get accurate data efficiently, such as aircraft registration, flight route, altitude, speed etc.



Now you are ready to fly without facing traveling challenges.

Take advantage of technology and save your precious time.  Choose and download the best flight tracking apps from the above-mentioned list.

One more thing, before taking off, I recommend you to read 40 useful tips and tricks for travelling by plane. If you want to have memorable flying experience, then you can also book your flight tickets hassle-free from as it has access to 450+ airlines, and provides good discount offers to its users.

Good Luck on your next flying experience!