Top GPS Tracking Apps for Android

gps tracking app

Whether you are driving your car to a restaurant, or outing with family or coming back from the office- location matters. It assists us in various ways such as finding the shortest route, traffic, road conditions, etc. All you need is a GPS tracking app installed over your device.  You can easily download tracking apps from the Play Store. A few are free but some are paid as well. A GPS tracking app can offer a variety of solutions such as family safety, tracking, SOS, etc. Let’s explore a few of the best tracking apps:

Find my kids:

Find my kids is the best app for the safety of your family enabled with the GPS feature. You can use it with the GPS enabled watch or other devices.

This app will help you to track your child’s movement along with the history. Findmykids assists you to check which path they took for school or home. Suppose if your child is not responding to your call, you can listen to what is happening around them. They can also send you the SOS signal which avails their exact location as well as the surrounding movement recording.

One more benefit of this app is that you can check app usage statistics on your child’s cell phone. Thus, you can know where they are spending most of the time.

Family Locator:

With Family Locator, you can share location among various people say your whole family members. Thus, all your family persons can monitor your location with GPS from their devices. It allows you to make private groups where you can only add people as per your choice. This app enables the real-time location of a person on your cell phone. Suppose you are using it to monitor your kid, you will get notified once he will reach a specific location like school, tuition class, etc. Also, this app will assist you in tracking your stolen phone. You can freely download this app over the app store.


Glympse is an incredible geo-tracking app accessible over the GPS of your device. It allows you to share your location among family members or friends. They can track your location without even signing up for the app. They can also see your location over the web browser; it doesn’t require any app installation for that. Once you shared your location, it will automatically get expired after a specific time. Once it has no use.

This app will continue its execution without troubling your other tasks. All you need is the proper internet connection and it is accessible across the whole world. You can freely download this app from the Play Store.


Spyera is one of the most trending GPS tracker and spying app available for Android these days. With this tracking feature, you can track someone’s location over your mobile screen. Thus, you can easily track your kids, family members or other beloved one’s location in the real-time. The only requirement is that the app must be installed over all the devices whose location you are willing to get. This app allows you to listen to live calls from the supported gadgets. You can record these calls as well. With Spyera, you can also monitor activities from the famous social media platforms.

You can press log keys over your gadget for accessing keylogger. At Spyera, you can also capture pictures over the target gadget without informing them. Its GPS tracking feature allows you to capture the coordinates of the gadget.


We all know Waze is one of the biggest communities enabled navigation and traffic application. It stays apart from the crowd offering GPS tracking application for Android smartphones as well. It provides the turn-by-turn navigation feature including voice assistance and real-time maps facility. These services are continuously updated by Waze map programmers and editors.

Waze allows you to sync phonebook contacts and Facebook friends with the application. In case you are traveling and looking for the gas station, this app will locate the nearest one for you. As per unexpected traffic or road condition, this app will reroute the path. It also reports the hazardous situations, road blockages or an accident like scenarios.


Thus, you got a variety of apps with incredible features supporting real-time GPS tracking. Download any of them and make your first move towards the safety as well.