Top Tips To Follow When Changing Your Hair Color

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Most people know someone that changes their hair color at least once a month and never seems to have an issue with color or hair health. Naturally, when you see celebrities changing their hair color all the time you know they have the backing of professional stylists to ensure they look fantastic all the time. 

Of course, this doesn’t help you if you’re feeling ready to try some hair dye but are worried about it all going wrong. 

Fortunately, there are several simple tips that you can follow to ensure you get great results and keep your healthy hair.

Go Natural

One of the biggest secrets to success when using hair dye is to use natural hair products. Once you start reading the ingredients on your box of hair dye you’ll realize that many of the brands use chemicals that aren’t doing you or your health any good. These include:• Ammonia• Paraphenylenediamine• Quaternium-15• Resorcinol• Titanium Dioxide• Phthalates

By avoiding hair dyes with these ingredients and opting for natural products you are less likely to damage your hair or your health.

Start Early

Professional hair stylists use a two-stage treatment. The first stage opens the cuticle and then they lock in nutrition. In addition, they will apply a daily split end therapy that will literally glue the ends of your hair together, preventing split ends and decreasing dehydration in your hair.

By planning in advance you can ensure you get the right results.

Change Slowly

While it is tempting to suddenly change color, such as from blond to brunette, the best idea is to use products that do this in stages. You’ll find the Olaplex range has a three-part system that helps to maintain the strength and health of your hair before, during, and after you dye it. 

It’s especially important to go slowly and in stages if you are going from dark to light hair. 

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Start With Semi-Permanent

A semi-permanent dye helps you test a color out without risking damage to your hair. This is an effective way to change the color of your hair for a short period. It can then be made more permanent without risk to your hair.

After Treatment

One thing that many people forget is the importance of treating your hair after you have dyed it. You need hydrating lotions and compounds that lock color in. This helps to ensure you retain the shine and health of your hair.

You Can Do It Yourself

Despite what you may think and see, it is possible to dye your hair at home. You simply need to choose a quality product and follow the instructions.

Of course, although it’s harder as you want quick results, it helps to take it slow and to avoid heat treatment straight after changing your color. This increases the risk of damage and no one wants hair that looks dry and brittle, regardless of the color you have managed to achieve.