Turn Negative Experiences into Positive Ones

By, Bre Corson

Have you ever felt like random people who shouldn’t matter have a way of getting under your skin and affecting your work performance or attitude? This is what I’m dealing with right now.

At a recent visit to increase my contact prescription, my eye doctor told me that not only was I high strung, but that if I ever got Lasik eye surgery, he would not be my doctor because “[my Type A personality] makes things difficult.”  I left there feeling bullied and belittled… but what for?  Since when is having a Type A personality a fault?

This is where I would like to tell all of the readers that turning a negative experience into a positive, is not only essential for your mental health, but can actually help you achieve your goals. Pull out that goal list and look through it.  Ask yourself “what things on my list can my Type A personality help accomplish?” (or whatever your specific “bad” quality or experience turned good can help achieve).

To me, being Type A doesn’t represent a negative, so why I let him turn it in to a bad name beats me.  Yes, Type A’s are a bit high strung, are usually a bit stressed, and seem like they always want things ‘their’ way.  However, if a high strung person can perform at a high productivity level, while working best under pressure, and perfecting every last detail, their output may very well be the best of the bunch.

There are many different scenarios that this topic can be applied to.  Whether one of your not-so-fun personality traits is recognized, or another co-worker is standing in the way of your recognition, find the good possibilities and run with it instead of wallowing in your sorrows.  Use your trait to conquer goals, and team up with your co-worker/road block and build on each other’s strengths to get an outcome that your whole office can be proud of.

The moral is: the only setbacks that we come across are the ones that we choose not to jump over.  Turn your negatives into positives and reap the happiness benefits.

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