Using Lasers as Part of Your Anti-Aging Treatment

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A beauty awakens once you tell someone that he or she is aging gracefully. Incorporating anti-aging treatments make it hard to guess someone’s age. The skin condition can be annoying whenever one feels as if it is telling a false story – for instance, mistaking a 30 year old to be in their 40s based on their skin appearance. When people feel youthful, they want it to reflect on their skin. While some value wrinkles as a sign of beauty in aging, others consider them ugly.

At a point, it becomes stressful to calculate a cost-effective anti-aging treatment. While there are different remedies for anti-aging, some are unsafe because of the complications. For instance, plastic surgery is one of the invasive skin procedures that people avoid. Alternatively, the procedure might work well for some while hazardous for others. With advancements in technology, a safe anti-aging treatment can take a short recovery period.

Anti-aging Treatment

The skin of a younger person has much flexibility compared to that of one advanced in age. Sun exposure and constant facial expressions contribute to the formation of wrinkles. The ability of the skin to heal reduces with age.

Laser treatments lessen the signs of wrinkles without having to infiltrate the skin and cause damage. Most products promise to rejuvenate and renew the skin; however, they fail to remove the wrinkles. The invention of laser technology to help in anti-aging treatments delivers quick results.

Types of Laser Technology

Though different, anti-aging treatments with laser technology operate similarly. They include:

  • Fractional lasers – Helps in treating various blemishes.
  • CO2 lasers – Can treat aging signs such as wrinkles and scars.
  • Intense pulsed light (IPL) lasers reduce the appearance of sun damage, acne, and hyperpigmentation.
  • Erbium lasers – Can treat wrinkles and aging spots since they assist in producing more collagen.

How Laser Technology Works

A physician uses the intended laser device, which beams laser light deep into the skin. The tool gives diverse effects based on the heat and quality of the laser. Some lasers shine high-intensity light into specific hair follicles. As the sacs absorb the hair, it marks the semi-permanent destruction of strands. In the long run, there has to be permanent hair removal.

Some laser tools smoothen and stiffen the skin by getting rid of the exterior layers of dead skin. This exfoliating process leads to a youthful appearance, making laser treatment an effective anti-aging procedure.

The heat from the laser penetrates the depths of the tissue and stimulates the skin to generate extra collagen. Everyone has a natural protein called collagen, which gives one a youthful appearance.

Laser treatment boosts collagen production, which diminishes with age. One process takes a half-hour, while the best results are achievable with 3 to 8 treatments. The skin secretes extra collagen during the first session to minimize aging signs. Also, there are minimal side effects. While the laser penetrates the skin, one might feel heat sensations; it is painless. After the procedure, inflammation is a significant side effect. Nonetheless, anti-inflammatory helps reduce the swelling.