Looking For New Career Options? Maybe A Van is The Answer!


It may be time to look into a new career if you’re at a dead end with the job you’re currently in and desperate for a role that you’ll be passionate about once more. If this is the case, then take a look at this graphic from used vans retailer, Van Monster who’ve created it to show how you can use your own van to realise some exciting new career routes.

Businesses run from vans are proving highly successful across various industries today. From pet grooming and plumbing, to street food vendors, you can run your own business out of your van. With no premises costs, running a business from your van could save you a boat load of outgoing fees — whilst answering the call to some of the most popular services on the market.

If you’re an animal lover, for instance, then you may be interested to hear that a lot of the £7.16 billion which Brits spent on their pets in the past year alone covered the cost for owners to pamper their cherished companions. Business is booming for dog groomers, with an estimated 54 million pet dogs in the UK, as of 2017. Do you fancy cutting yourself a slice of the pet grooming cake? If you are an animal lover, it could be the answer to reinvigorating your career.

Pet grooming is only one industry which can be looked at when considering a business from a van. Take a look at the full infographic below for many more ideas…

Let A Van Take Your Career On A New Route!