So You Want To Stay Sane Through College? Here’s Your 10-Point Guide

One of the best ways to make it in life is to go to college. It’s here you can get those all-important qualifications to go on to the job of your dreams! And it’s not all about the academic benefits. So many students have a fun time at college and make lots of new friends who they will keep throughout life. You never know, you may even meet your future husband there! While there is a huge social aspect to college life, you still need to knuckle under and get through with all your work and assignments. Otherwise, you might not be able to graduate! The transition from high school to college can be difficult and stressful, but there are some ways you can make it easier on yourself. To help you get through college and stay sane, here’s our ten-point guide.

1) Choose A Course You Love

If you sign up for a course that you are interested in and know you will enjoy, you will find your time at college a lot less stressful. You will be happy to study and spend time learning about the subject because it is one that fascinates you! Don’t just sign up for a course that you think will get you a high-paid job at the end. You might end up hating the subject!

2) Take Easier Courses In Your First Year


Most colleges let their students choose which courses and classes they take throughout their time at college. Your department will have a list of classes that are suitable for your major. Most students pick the easier classes during their first year and save the harder ones for later on. This way, you won’t be so stressed in your first year while you are trying to adjust to college life. And you’ll have a bit more time to socialize and make new friends.

3) Try Not To Get A Job

Sure, college can be an expensive time. However, a part-time job can take up too much of your time. Rather than working, your spare time should be spent socializing and studying. There are some other ways you can afford college. Ways that don’t require getting a job! The best way is to try and save up some money before you start. There are also many loans and bursaries that you can get to help fund your way through college. Take a look online to see what you are eligible for.

4) Talk To Professors And Lecturers


Get to know all the professionals who work on your course. Once you have established a relationship with your professors and lecturers, you will find it easier to talk to them about problems. And if you ever have a problem or an issue, they should be the first people you speak with. And the more professors who know you personally, the more professors who will be happy to give you a good personal recommendation. That’s important when you start your job hunt!

5) Get A Student Discount Card

College is expensive. There is no escaping that one fact. However, there are some ways you can make it slightly more affordable. The best way is to get a student discount card. When you present the card at the checkout of many stores, you can get between 10-20% off your purchase. So many stores accept them including Apple. You can also use them on Greyhound buses and Amtrak trains for cheap travel.

6) Find The Free Food


On campus, there is a load of opportunities to get free food during the week. Various student clubs and societies will have free buffets when they host activities. There are also lots of welcome events that offer complimentary sandwiches and snacks. Ask seniors about the best events for free food. Once you have sussed it all out, you might never have to buy a meal on campus again!

7) Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Extra Help

Do you need to write an essay on the cause and effect topics on poverty but aren’t too sure where to start? Ask your lecturers and professors for help! It’s their job to ensure you learn, so if you are struggling, they will be only too happy to help you out. Some colleges even host study clubs where students can get together to discuss any difficulties they’re having.  

8) Don’t Forget About Exercise


It’s very easy to get caught up in all the studying and socializing at college. Some people often forget about exercising and looking after themselves. Make sure this doesn’t happen to you by factoring in plenty of exercise to your routine. Your college will have plenty of campus college facilities. There will be lots of sports clubs as well. You might even want to learn a new sport, such as lacrosse!

9) Keep In Touch With Home

Homesickness can be very difficult to deal with during your first few weeks of university. The best way to combat it is to have regular calls back home. You can speak to your parents and relatives over the phone, and catch up with your old friends on Facebook. Don’t go for long periods of time without getting in touch with everyone back home. They may think you have forgotten about them!

10) Do Homework Then Go Out

Don’t leave your homework to do the day after a night out! No one can concentrate with a hangover. You should always do the sensible thing of finishing any leftover work or homework before you go out. Then you can spend the following day relaxing. You’ll thank me for this important tip later!

Transitioning to college from high school isn’t easy, and you should expect to go through some rough periods. But it will get a lot easier, and you will eventually forget why you were homesick in the first place! Be sure to follow this 10-point guide to make things even easier for you. Two things are the most important. Firstly, put your work and studies first. Secondly, have as much fun as possible!

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