Weird and Wacky Jobs – But Hey, It’s a Living!

With an economy you can never count on from one day to the next, most of us will take just about any job that comes our way on those bleak days when work is scarce. Then comes that weird and wacky job that you probably would never have dreamed anyone would actually get paid to do and to make matters even more interesting, it turns out to be the most fun you’ve ever had! If you are in the market for a job that is anything but boring, why not try on one of the following for size. You just might have a bit of fun while bringing home the bread.

Is Sign Spinning Making You Dizzy?

wacky jobs

Some companies will do almost anything to ramp up the sales when it comes to advertising. You have seen everything from live Lady Liberty outside your local tax preparation store to airplane banners with wacky messages flying over local sporting events, but have you ever seen the latest fad, sign spinners? While a majority of sign spinners standing outside local restaurants and shops tend to be men because of their greater strength, the ladies are joining the fun as well. What a way to attract attention – somewhere between a dance and an Olympics endurance test, these spinners get paid to stand outside and WOW the crowds come rain or shine.

Legal Distribution of Marijuana? Working at Your Local Dispensary

Another weird and wacky job that is relatively new for most of the country – in medical marijuana states at least – is a job working at medical cannabis dispensaries. Here medical marijuana patients can go in and buy their favorite strains depending on flavor and composition and can legally go out the door without worrying that the narcs will be on their heels. A job in a cannabis dispensary can be a lot of fun, but try not to imbibe too much of the goods. Your boss won’t love you for that!

Dog Walkers of the 21st Century – Pet Taxis


Now we have heard everything! Yes, there are people out there who will do anything for their four-legged friends but are you for real? A dog taxi picking up your four-legged family member to drive them to the groomer or vet when you can’t be there to take them? This puts walking the dog in a whole new light but it does make for an interesting day. Not a job for cynophobics!

These are just a few of the weird and wacky jobs you might encounter on your search for something out of the ordinary. Whether you are looking for a bit of fun or simply need a job that badly, driving dogs around all day might not be such a bad thing. Usually these are considered interim jobs until something better and more permanent comes along but there is always the off chance that you will actually love what you are doing and may just want to make a career of it. However, we can’t imagine a senior spinner so don’t expect job security there.

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