What Is Love Bombing

love bombing

Love bombing is a rather common thing in new relationships and it is usually one of the things that seem very amazing at first while in reality, they are nothing else but manipulation afterward. Many people have experienced and seen love bombing signs in their relationship, but very little of them actually knew what it really means.

Love bombing is often overlooked as a normal thing, while it is actually doing no good for you, your family and even your close friends. Love bombers tend to be very possessive and will do everything to keep you away from people who will openly talk to you about their thoughts and intentions. Do not forget that your family and your close friends have been around for you for much longer than your current partner who seems to be love bombing you every single day. Your friends and family can notice a lot more than you in this type of situation and your love bomber is well-aware of that, which is the reason they will try to take you all to themselves by giving you everything you ever wanted (temporary).

What is love bombing and how to avoid love bombing in relationships?

The actual love bombing definition is attempting to influence a person by giving them a lot of affection and attention in order to achieve something and have it easy to manipulate them for your own good. Love bombing is mainly seen as something narcissist’s do and their way of manipulating others for negative or positive purposes.

In order to understand what love bombing really is and define love bombing as it is, here is a couple of love bombing signs that will help you get away from it as soon as possible.

  • It is usually narcissists who lovebomb their partners.
  • Love bombing makes everything seem way too quick in a relationship.
  • A person who decides to love bomb you will always act as if they are your savior.
  • They will make you believe they are the best person for you.
  • They will make it seem as if they plan to have a future with you and fill your head with dreamy ideas.
  • Bad things about your life will be brought up to make it seem as if they are your hero.
  • They constantly keep on giving you gifts.
  • They will abuse the fact you love their affection and often make you feel miserable for not being able to be just like them.
  • Upon realizing you are not giving them all of the attention they give to you, they get angry and sometimes even violent.
  • You are having issues with your emotions, one day you are happy, another day you feel terrible. 
  • Love bombers make you forget how to love yourself.

Why do we easily fall for people who love bomb us? 

It can be very hard not to fall for someone who makes you believe they are special and perfect for you. Narcissist love bombing is hard to notice right away, especially if love bombing is something they have been doing in the past too. Falling for someone who makes you feel unique, appreciated and someone who keeps on overloading you with love is a common thing, sadly, it is not a true kind of love with love bombers.

It is extremely important to continue loving yourself even when your partner makes you want to love them more. You are required to love yourself before loving anyone else, if you cannot love yourself, you will feel bad and possibly never be able to give the love you wish to give to the right person. Love bombing prevents you from loving yourself and prevents you from doing things that make you happy. Instead, you will be looking for ways to return all of the ‘’love’’ that was given to you by a love bomber, and it will be so much that you will simply forget about your own well being. 

How do we break free from a love bombing relationship?

If you just recently got into a relationship with someone who seems to be love bombing you, take time to figure them out. Let them know you feel like everything is moving too quickly and talk about how you need time to set some boundaries. Love bombing narcissist will not like this type of conversation, they will do their best to make you change your mind, but please, never fall for it. It is in your best interest to cut the communication with people who wish to manipulate or control your life to the fullest. While you cannot change the behavior of a love bomber, nor it is your job to do so, but you can still decide for yourself and see whether or not they are good or bad for you. 

What happens after you break free from a love bombing relationship?

People who have been with love bombers, they usually struggle a lot after breaking up with them. Dating a love bomber, living and spending time with them can make you forget how beautiful it can be to be alone and have some time for yourself. After you break up with a love bomber, you will feel like you are stuck, you will have no idea how to feel validated again. 

The reason for this is rather simple. You have been getting so much affection every single day that it became a regular thing for you and now that you are free and left alone, you no longer know how it is not to get all of that affection, even if that affection was very unhealthy for you and your emotional well-being. Upon breaking up with a love bomber, you are required to go through a process of learning how to love yourself all over again, how to feel worthy and validated without having someone to gift and overload you with fake feelings and emotions. 

– Imagine eating ice cream on a daily basis and then suddenly going on a sugar-free diet. It is a huge adjustment and change for your life, therefore, it will take a while to figure out how to get yourself back to who you were before. 

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