When and why will you need a family attorney?

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Having a family attorney is essential, and although you may not need them often, it is advisable to have one that you can always go to. Before marriage, there are many things that an attorney will be helpful with; hence, one should consider consulting one to guide them through the transition from singlehood into marriage. Family law not only covers marriage but other elements within the union as well up until it comes to an end either through death or divorce.

Before getting married, there is a ton of paperwork that one needs to go through to ensure that they can be married legally in a certain state and acquire certification for the same. Some of the important ones before the officiating ceremony are the marriage license and prenuptial agreement (if you agree with your partner to have one). After the marriage is done, there is a need to change one’s status in some crucial documents. The list that one ought to deal with after the nuptials is long and one can write down a to-do list to ensure that they do not leave out anything. They are;

  • The social security number
  • Insurance firms
  • Medical providers
  • Companies you are in debt with
  • The credit card company
  • Your employer
  • The lease agreement (if you live in a rented home)
  • The post office
  • Utilities
  • The office
  • Bank accounts
  • Driver’s license, and
  • Passport

Even when you decide to keep the names given at birth and not include your partner’s in your documents, the marital status ought to be changed. To understand the legalities governing changing each of the above, it may be wise to consult a lawyer operating in this field. Other than marriage, processes that will necessitate the need for an attorney are; adoption, divorce, asset acquisition, settling child custody, and guardianship among others. Things that you ought to consider when getting a family attorney are;

Cost –

a budget ought to be laid down before one tries to find a family attorney. Allocating funds for this undertaking is vital as it helps narrow down the number of lawyers to be vetted that are within one’s budget. Hiring a lawyer that you can afford to pay without strain is ideal.

Licensing –

the attorney hired has to have the necessary certifications to operate in a given jurisdiction. If a lawyer is not allowed to practice in your area, they are not worth your time since they cannot represent you in a court of law.

Experience –

the number of years that a lawyer has been in practice informs his or her decision regarding the different family legalities. When dealing with matters of utmost importance, go for an attorney who has been in the business for a good number of years.

Success rate –

lawyers with a high success rate should be given priority when choosing. To gauge the outcome of a case, one can look at an attorney’s history dealing with the same. Sometimes these type of attorneys come at a high cost but are more likely to deliver positive results.