Where Should You Take Your Employees on a Corporate Retreat?

corporate retreat destinations

Taking your employees on vacation can seem like a great idea. Team members will return with close friendships that translate into more effective productivity. Here are some great corporate retreat destinations that lend themselves well to bonding and learning.

1. Arizona

There are so many ways to unplug and relax with co-workers in Arizona. Many companies send their employees to Scottsdale every year to hike the local trails and explore nature together. Schedule hot air balloon rides and river rafting to get everyone outside of their comfort zone. It’s much easier to add activities to your schedule if everyone gives feedback on ideas before leaving home.

Returning with more interpersonal trust is one of the many benefits of employee retreats in places full of adventures. They’ll inherently become more trusting of each other because they share the same adrenaline rush. This evolves into workplace harmony and even improved communication.

2. Mexico

A recent study found that 52% of professionals suffer from burnout in the workplace. If your team is struggling with intense deadline pressure or exhaustion, travel to Mexico. Getaways to Cancun are perfect for snorkeling and relaxing by the ocean. Throw in a meeting or two to brainstorm ways to defeat burnout together after everyone’s released their stress by hanging out on the beach or exploring ancient ruins.

3. New York

You can find anything you want to do in New York. It has vast countryside hills for quiet trips and booming entertainment venues in the heart of New York City. What is a corporate retreat if not an opportunity to give everyone an incredible experience? Ask everyone for feedback about what they’d prefer to do on a retreat, like see a Broadway show or rent cabins in the mountains. New York has it all, so it’s easy to please a larger team.

4. Costa Rica

When people arrive in Costa Rica, it takes their breath away. It’s a picturesque vacation spot that makes everyone forget the stresses they left back home. It’s also a slice of luxury, which will make team members feel more valued by their managers. Boosted morale is one of the best benefits of employee retreats. It can improve workplace performance by 20% because people are more incentivized to demonstrate the same level of commitment to a company that gives back to them.

5. California

Anyone who wants to know what a corporate retreat is should think about visiting California with their co-workers. Many of the world’s leading minds are on the West Coast, so it’s the perfect place for listening to experts giving presentations. When your team isn’t exploring Hollywood or walking the pristine beaches, they can rediscover their professional passions by connecting with experts who share the same interests.

6. Greece

Many businesses struggle to set up their first retreat because they can’t create a budget that works for them. Some destinations can become costly, but Greece is a budget-friendly haven for travelers. The exchange rate favors the U.S. dollar so you’ll get more for your money at an ATM or currency exchange office.

Book everyone a place in a luxury hotel to treat them to something special without necessarily breaking the bank. After visiting the in-house spas and restaurants, they can bond while strolling the historic streets and seeing ruins that make history come to life.

Retreat, Refresh and Recharge

If you’re wondering where to take your employees on a corporate retreat, consider these destinations. They all offer something different so you can tailor your trip to your team’s unique needs. Let them relax on gorgeous beaches, learn from industry leaders and live in luxury while they’re traveling. Everyone will return with more company morale and energy to pour back into their work.

By Ginger Abbot

Ginger Abbot is the Editor-in-Chief and founder of Classrooms.com, a learning publication for college students, career professionals and educators