Why A Gift Of Flowers Is Perfect Every Time


If you’re lucky enough to have a garden at home, you may enjoy spending time looking at the flowers. Perhaps you have a special someone in your life who likes to send you flowers from time to time. It seems the tradition of enjoying flowers is alive and well in us. There are plenty of occasions when you might choose to send flowers, or even just pick a bunch up for yourself to enjoy. With so many occasions throughout the year, flowers can be the perfect gift.

If you work in an office, you may find your workspace quite bland. Brighten your day at work with a lovely bunch of flowers. Gerbera flowers come in many vibrant colours making them ideal for an office desk. Cut flowers often last for ten days or so. Treat yourself once a fortnight with a fresh bunch, or see if you can convince that special someone in your life to send some to your office. You’ll be the envy of all your colleagues!


Bouquets of flowers are often given to friends and family who have to stay in hospital. They bring a much sweeter aroma to the hospital room than the usual smell of chemicals. They also provide much-needed colour and brightness to help people get well. Who doesn’t smile when they see lovely flowers? You might also take a bunch of flowers to someone’s home if they are feeling a little under the weather. Some flowers can be purchased already in a vase or decorative pot.

Mother’s day is a great excuse for buying your mum a lovely bouquet or presentation basket. Carnations say ‘I love you’ for any member of the family, and look great when you put two or more colours together. They tend to be presented with long stems, but they can easily be cut short for smaller vases. Choose pink and red carnations and add some blue irises or yellow daffodils for the extra structure to your display. The buds for each of these flowers looks pretty too and works well in the group.

Birthdays are always a lovely time to receive a bouquet of flowers. You can enjoy looking at them for at least ten days after your big day. Bouquets in the home offer a lovely scent, especially when the flowers are warm in the window. Keep yours fed and watered to prolong their freshness. If you are giving a bouquet of flowers for someone’s birthday, you might want to think about how they are wrapped. Tissue paper always looks lovely, but if you’re travelling, it may become damp. Cellophane may not be the most environmentally friendly choice. But it will ensure the flowers are well preserved and safe as they travel. Add bows and ribbon to the packaging to make the bouquet extra special. Add a little card with a sentimental message, especially if it’s for a loved one.

Touch of Joy Bouquet

Birthday bouquet image from Flickr

Writing a card to go with a bouquet of flowers needn’t be as daunting a task as it first appears. Only a few short words will fit, so long poems and prose are not required. Instead, think of one or two keywords that communicate your sentiment. If you are sending it to a loved one, then be sure to include the word ‘love’. If it’s for a birthday, then wish them a happy and memorable day. If you are sending flowers for a funeral, a wreath is sometimes more appropriate. Funeral cards are more common in these circumstances. You will need to write a message about the departed rather than a message to the grieving. For example, you might write ‘Your smile will be missed’, or ‘My wonderful friend is gone but not forgotten’. Just a sentence or two is enough.

Fresh flowers and bouquets can help freshen the look of a room if the decor is looking a little tired. Because flowers come in so many different colours, you can colour co-ordinate. You might even choose something more striking and vibrant. The scent of flowers also helps mask the smell of any painting you are doing during decorating. Historically, people have hung pictures of flowers on the wall. The trend for floral pattern wallpaper is back as well. Flowers make a wonderful addition to any home and can bring extra colour to your decor.

Some flowers leave us prone to allergy attacks. You may experience watery eyes or a need to sneeze. Even if you suffer hay fever, there will be some varieties of flower that cause you no problems at all. Flowers are so beautiful and are great for cheering us up. It is worth finding some blooms you are not sensitive to so you can enjoy flowers at home. Some types of flower, like lilies, can be poisonous to our pets. Cats, in particular, can be very poorly if they ingest the pollen. If you have pets, it is worth placing your vases or bouquets on surfaces where they cannot reach.

Valentines is a time of year when you may receive flowers from mystery senders. This often happens in the office and it’s great fun guessing with your colleagues who may have sent them. Of course, there is nothing stopping you sending some to yourself! If you do receive a lovely bouquet from a mystery sender, you will find it very hard to discover who they are. Florists are bound to keep their customer’s identities secret so they will never reveal the answer. Equally, if you sent some flowers in secret, you won’t be found out from the florist company.

orange rose bouquet

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At Christmas time, it is always lovely to receive flowers, or use fresh flowers as table decorations. Some people like to dry them and press them in a book, but this tends to work much better if you use small wild flowers. If you are ever stuck for a gift idea, a bouquet of flowers will always be welcome. Whether it is for a man or a woman, a bunch of flowers brightens the day and puts a smile on your face. Give a bouquet today.