Why Instagram Statistics Matter

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Instagram is one of the latest social media platforms developed with a high number of subscribers. The subscribers are individuals, businesses, and brands with one or several accounts under their sleeve. The app that was developed for image sharing has been developed to accommodate extra features and improve interactions between users. These developments have attracted even more users making it a platform to reckon with. Statistics collected from Instagram shows it has over a billion active users and most of the users are young adults. They also show it has over 500 Million users every day who stay logged on the site for an average period of 53 Minutes every day. Every person or business interested in this platform should be aware of these statistics. The question is – why do these statistics matter? Below are the reasons why these statistics matter:

1)    Potential Market for Products

As a business, the number of active users and their preferences should matter as they represent a market for your products. Following the users’ preferences allows you to provide products to suit their needs. It also allows you to develop products to suit different tastes and this increases your market further. Having an Instagram account as a business also allows you to market your products to your followers. Posting also increases the chances of having your product discovered by other users who convert to customers. You can also introduce new products in the market through your Instagram account by paying attention to the different reactions, comments, and searches made. Additionally, Instagram user stats help you determine the marketing option that will work for your products that can lead to sales.

2)    Easier Communication

Instagram has made it easier for its users to share information. Users can post images, videos and written messages and those logging in can access the information. The messages are also available days later, and users can review them or refer back to them repeatedly. As a business, you can interact with customers for feedback or complaints. This enables prompt responses and actions for a happier and healthier relationship. Businesses can also communicate with each other and share information without following lengthy and time-consuming processes. The reactions are also a form of communication as they show the products and posts users and followers find pleasant those with many likes representing the most preferred.

3)    Survey

While looking to make observations, Instagram is your go-to site. Instagram helps individuals keep up with changes and trends in all fields by simply observing the posts made by users. It also helps businesses keep an eye on their competitors by following their online actions on the site. Reactions on products help businesses articulate how their product will fair in the market. It also helps businesses define and tailor make their posts to fit the users’ needs in terms of color, content, hashtags, and channel to share the message. It records how users respond to specific posts and the time they make reactions, and this helps you make timely posts for its users. Brands can also keep track of their conversion rates, and this helps them make better decisions and policies.

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