Why Volunteering is the Best Way for a Woman to Start a Solo Trip?


The travel bug is an ever-growing virus that has reached numerous populations across the globe. Not only has it infiltrated family and friendship groups alike, it has now spread throughout the minds of individuals – who wish to embark on solo trips. A solo trip can appear daunting upon first glance, especially for a woman, but with a solid idea in mind and the passion to explore alternative cultural norms, it is becoming the trend of the century.

Apprehensive About a Solo Trip?

Now, most women prefer to travel in groups; for safety purposes, familiarity and the idea of shared accommodation. For women who live in constant fear of attack or abduction, there seems no better way to enjoy a holiday abroad, than that of joining a volunteer group within specific regions of interest.  Many of ‘those’ fears are inhibited by the ‘group dynamic’ that comes with engaging in volunteer work whilst travelling alone. Not only is one able to have a solid reference point for one’s trip, but it also eliminates any apprehension that one may have towards making new friends in a new country. This may also eliminate the pressure that most women may feel when embarking on solo travels, by submerging them into a close network where they are able to interact with other like-minded people.

Take A Risk:

The benefits of volunteering whilst on a solo trip also provide one with the opportunity to get ‘stuck in’ to the culture that one has chosen to explore; allowing for one to immediately enjoy getting to know the ins and outs of a foreign space. They say that you do not know a place, until you have lived or worked there, so this form of travelling allows for one to focus primarily on ‘surviving in a foreign country’, which one of the most essential thrills of travelling, right?  There is also the element of feeling as if one is giving back to a community – which is always rewarding. As we all know, women are the feeders of our societies; thus, what better way to give in to that instinct than uplifting others whilst on vacation?

Advantages of volunteer work to start a solo trip:

  • It is highly affordable.
  • It is extremely safe.
  • It allows for one to meet fellow travelers in an environment of controlled common interests.
  • It allows for great cultural exchange.
  • It is absolute fun.
  • It keeps one active whilst on vacation.
  • It makes you stand out from the common league of holiday trippers.
  • The experience you get is unmatched.
  • It gives one an everlasting excuse to travel.

Think about exploring the option of volunteering to start your first solo trip, for a lifetime experience filled with new challenges and all round sense of vocational satisfaction. Women should feel empowered through these experiences and it is highly recommended to those who are looking to gain even more independence that you are equipped with today. You can always go online and read volunteer travel experiences of solo women travelers to get some inspiration.

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