Why Working Abroad Is Such A Good Idea

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For many, the idea of working abroad seems a little scary. There are so many unknowns, from the language to the culture. But according to PWC, it is something that is becoming much more popular. Often there are more opportunities in your specific industry than there are in your home country. 

In this post, we take a look at some of the reasons why working abroad is such a good idea and why you might want to make a move. 

More Career Opportunities And Prospects

Let’s start with the most obvious and immediate benefit of working abroad – the fact that there are more career opportunities and prospects. This statement is true, regardless of the health of the economy in your home country because of how specialisation works. Some countries are just more adapted to specific kinds of work than others. For instance, if you love designing cars, Germany and Japan are the places to be. Likewise, if tourism is your bag, then working in Mauritius could be a great option for you. Take a look at the types of opportunities available in your industry and then speak to an immigration solicitor about moving to your target country permanently. 

Greater Life Experiences

Life isn’t just about earning a living. It’s also about exploring the world and getting as much as you can from the experience before you become too old to enjoy it. Going to China, for instance, might mean a lower salary. But it could also involve a wider appreciation of culture and the ways people live. 

Improved Cultural Intelligence

These days, more and more people are discussing the concept of cultural intelligence. As work becomes more global, becoming culturally attuned is something that employers are looking for. For instance, many companies locate their head offices in Western countries but conduct their manufacturing operations overseas. They need people who can bridge the gap between knowledge workers in offices and factory managers on the ground. If you’re able to work abroad and prove adept at providing this bridge, then you’ll massively enhance your value

Expand Your Professional Network

When it comes to opportunities, careers and networking go hand in hand. Once you start rubbing shoulders with the right people, opportunities for promotion expand and you suddenly find yourself in a completely different world. 

Expanding your professional network, you’ll get the opportunity to meet with stakeholders who could become important later on. You can then leverage these connections, either to provide additional value to your company or improve your chances of getting hired by another firm with better pay and conditions. For Instance, if you move and work in Canada, you may get job offers from Canadian companies hiring foreign workers (Entreprises canadiennes embauchant des travailleurs étrangers), thus widening the scope of employers that may be interested in working with you.

Improve Your Soft Skills

Working across cultures is always a massive challenge. But once you develop your soft skills, you again add value to your employer. You’re not just greasing the operational wheels of the firm, but also the social ones too. 

Soft skills are generally described as personal attributes that help you get along with others in your environment. Sometimes, you’ll need to act as an intermediary between one part of the firm and another. 

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