Why You Should Be Using Business Promotional Gifts

Are you looking for ideas to invigorate and revolutionize your business? Whether you’re looking to bring people to your business, increase brand awareness, or just revitalize your organization a bit, using branded promotional tools is a key component of any good marketing strategy. Pens, coffee cups, mugs, tumblers, t-shirts, and all manner of other items can all make great promo gifts for your customers. And pens are one of the best options in the world today. Promotional pens for your business, for example, can help increase brand awareness and solidify a presence in your marketplace. Here are five reasons you should use promotional pens to enhance your next marketing strategy.

Pens Create Brand Awareness

If there’s one thing marketers know well it’s that people like free stuff. They especially like to get to know a brand and become part of that brand. Pens are ideal for increasing brand awareness simply because people use them all the time. If you see somebody writing with a pen, whether it’s jotting down notes or writing a check, you might be inclined to look at that pen. When they see the pen, they are more inclined to check out the business than if they hadn’t been exposed to it in the first place. Building up your brand awareness is important because it will help you stand out among a crowd of competitors, ultimately driving customers to your business over the competition. And with specially customized pens, you can do just that.

They’re Versatile

Pens make a great gift because they’re versatile. Customers can use them for notes, school, reminders, business purposes, and all manner of different applications. Customers can use pens for so many different things and are highly likely to keep them. They can be useful for taking notes by phone. They can be great for writing little reminders throughout the day. You could use them to write your grocery lists. Customers can give them to their friends or family members. They might decide to keep one around to write checks if they still do that sort of thing. Ultimately, pens have so many different purposes that your customers will love them. Some people even like to collect them. For marketing purposes, your pens can be a great giveaway or even something you sell assets. There are engraved pens, fancy pens, pens with accessories, and so much more available to use for any promotion, anytime.

They Make Great Giveaways

Never underestimate the power of a nice pen as a promotional item. Pens make great giveaways and can act as a way to start the conversion process for bringing in new customers. They’re affordable and everyone needs them at some time or another. They’re also incredibly handy to have at any given moment. Pens are also something that people tend to hang on to for a while, which means your brand will be seen over and over again. More eyes on your brand and its logo are a good thing! Custom pens can be effective marketing tools, too, as long as they have your company’s name and contact info (otherwise, how else would anyone get a hold of you to become a customer?). Consider handing them out at the register, as gifts, at trade shows, and as part of gift baskets throughout your business to see the benefit of their effects.

Pens Build Rapport With Customers

Building rapport with your customer base is an important part of enticing them into your business and keeping them around. Getting customers to become regulars isn’t always easy. One of the methods to keep them coming back is to provide quality service. Another is to build a rapport with them. After all, you want to entice them to come back frequently and spend money at your business. Rapport helps build trust between you and anybody who walks through your door. When they trust you, they’re more likely to buy from you or recommend you to others. Pens are a path into their hearts. Pens are essentially a small token of appreciation that creates a gift opportunity for your customer while also providing them a point of interaction with you. They can use the pen for anything in their life or you can give them a feedback card and have them fill it out with the pen. There are so many ways to integrate pens into the rapport-building process with your customers. All it takes is a little creativity and leveraging of your promotional pens to build happy, productive relationships with your clientele at any time.

They’re Inexpensive

Sometimes, advertising can cost a pretty penny. Seriously, marketing expenses can become quite high when you’re dealing exclusively with tv, radio, and social media at. That’s why you need to give your marketing efforts a distinct flavor with something that won’t break the bank. Customized pens are ideal here, simply because they’re inexpensive to buy in bulk. Obtaining a large amount of unique personalized pens for marketing purposes is as easy as finding a distributor and buying them in bulk. All you need to do is customize your logo, designate the number of pens you want, and have them shipped to your organization. After that, you just need to figure out your marketing plan and then sit back and watch as you see a great return on investment for your efforts.