Why You Should Consider a Career in Logistics

career in logistics

This year has been one of great upheaval in a number of sectors, as economic insecurity meets unease amongst workers in a variety of industries. After a decade of pay rises failing to keep up with inflation, the working population are understandably uncomfortable, and growing all the more aware of their own worth within the system.

While in some core sectors this has manifested in the form of industrial action, other sectors have seen workers weaponise their skills in another way – winning new roles in other industries and even careers, with better pay, better benefits, and more accurate recognition of their worth. One such industry is logistics, wherein skilled haulage and administrative personnel are highly sought-after and well-recompensed.

You might find yourself in a rut in your own career, whether as a result of hitting a dead-end for progression or simply finding the content of your day unfulfilling, you might be on the look-out for a reason to switch things up a bit. Why should you consider making that move now, and into a career in logistics?

Variety of Roles

The career opportunities within logistics are notoriously broad. There are multiple different points of entry, and a number of ways in which you can branch off to different specialisms depending on your interest and enthusiasm. 

You could become a driver or member of delivery personnel, taking vital, expensive or even dangerous materials cross-country and delivering them directly to clients in gloved hands; you could start a career in dispatch, arranging the collection and delivery schedules of drivers accounting for efficiency and driver condition. You could cover the business’ finances, you could enter the vehicle engineering team, and you could even become the business’ brand ambassador. What sounds more interesting to you?

Flexible Working Hours

The aforementioned variety of career options also allows for a wide variety of working arrangements – some of which are deeply flexible to your timetable and needs. Drivers do not work the typical 9-5, though they do find themselves on the road for extended periods of time (including overnight). However, these stints can be well arranged around family time and other responsibilities. 

Likewise, dispatch and logistics administrators are not necessarily wedded to the conventional working day. With drivers working in shifts, so to do the administrative teams that support them. This means you could choose hours that suit you more readily than in many other professions.

Good Career Progression

Whichever career you choose within logistics, there is always a clear route to progression. While other industries might see you stuck in a dead end, unsure of where a promotion might possibly come from, logistics boasts obvious routes forward, with each corner of a logistics business well-supported by robust employee frameworks. Seniority within a role is respected and rewarded, both in title and in recompense.

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