Why You Should Think Twice Before Dating Your Colleague

dating your colleague

Falling in love is the most magical thing on earth. Love takes you off to cloud nine. You seek magic everywhere. While taking a dump, or while fixing a pump, there’s magic all around. Things become a bit more magical when you fall in love with someone at your workplace. You get to see him/ her right in front of your eyes. You get to dote on him, make love with him whenever and wherever you want. And if you plan to get into a live-in relationship with your colleague then nothing like it. You end up planning a romantic island getaway with him and do all the sweet and naughty things under the sun.

But like everything has got pros and cons, even dating your colleague has got perks and banes. You need to know your limits. You need to curb yourself from doing certain things and not doing certain things. To make it simpler for you, here are the pros and cons.

Why dating your colleague is good?

Makes your life easier:

Dating colleagues often make thing simpler and how. You get to see him/her every day. When things go haywire at the office you can count on your lover for some support and comfort at work. There are times when office politics takes a toll on us, but in such cases, baes at workplace come to our rescue. They not only make us understand our shortcomings but also help sail through the troubled waters.

No Monday Blues:

We all dread Mondays. Monday Blue is an inevitable syndrome which hits each and every one of us hard. But when you have your lover around, your Mondays seem no less than a rainbow. Your lover is always around the corner to make you feel good and easy.

Hugs turn antidotes:

We often tend to feel low at work owing to work pressure and other anomalies. We crave for a go-to person during such situations. We whine for a warm hug, We tend to call our partners and ask for some love and attention during such situations. But things become a bit simpler when you have your lover around you. You can just go and hug him or her. Or go out for a smoke break with the concerned person and indulge into some love and hugs which will surely shirk off all your worries. A hug a day, keep the doctor away, especially when the hug comes from your lover. A warm hug acts as medicine which cures all your worries.

Brainstorm together:

You get to understand your lover more if he is your colleague. You get to brainstorm together which involves exchanging ideas, views, and thoughts. The exchange not only stimulates your mind but also nourishes your relationship. When you see him or her majority of the times in a day, you know him inside out which inevitably helps you work on your relationship.

Why not to date your colleague?

No breathing space:

Not literally, but metaphorically you are left with no space when you have your partner around you a majority of the times. It’s a taken that it helps you understand him more, but at the end of the day, a relationship works well when there’s space in it. There are many couples who tend to stick to each other so much, that at the end of the day they find no individual space in their relationship. Thus, making the equation toxic.

Post break up woes:

Breakup woes are a major issue when you date someone in your office. Even if you don’t feel like meeting him after your breakup, you are forced to meet him. Things take an uglier turn when you are pitted against him in the office due to some office work. Its either make things bitter or awkward. Now, what if you work under him, or to be precise your ex-lover is your senior at your office. You are forced to take orders from him even if you don’t want to.

Talk of the town

Your breakup with your colleague becomes a hot potato at your workspace. You love affair turns into a piece of juicy gossip. Everybody around you is more interested in your personal life or to be precise your break up than your work. You feel like running away but in vain. Things become way more difficult and you end up cursing your decision. In such situations, you miss your go-to person, and you feel like running up to him, hugging him tight only to realise that is your ex-boyfriend.

Now, that you know the pros and cons of dating a colleague, think twice before falling in love at the workplace. Workplace love affairs are magical and the most interesting ones, but they can take up a really ugly shape when things go haywire. They ruin you inside out. So, peeps, think wisely before you go weak in your knees for your colleague.