It’s Wise To Choose A Career That’s In High Demand

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Life is this crazy journey where every single decision alters your future in some way or another. Should you have a bacon sandwich for breakfast or a salmon and cream cheese bagel? What name should you gift to your new pet rabbit? Which dish do you choose from this gorgeously presented menu that is packed with delicious options? What career should you choose? As you can tell by the latter, some questions hold more oomph, importance, and permanence than others.

This can be an immensely daunting thing to get your head around when you’re in one of those massively important times in your life. We’re talking about that time between school and deciding what major to go with, or when you’ve finished college and faced with that almighty buffet of careers to munch on. You want to do something that you are passionate about, but you also want to do something that is currently hot property because, well, stepping into a stagnant job market isn’t exactly wise, even if you do like it.

That’s why we have come up with a list of some  careers that are seriously hot right now and only getting hotter. Some of these you may be qualified for, while others could stop your compass from spinning wildly and give you a direction in which to move. Either way, the careers on this list could spark an interest you never knew you had.

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Mental Health Counselor

After years of silent suffering and stigma, mental health is finally becoming accepted as a serious topic that demands to be taken seriously. Those suffering from anxiety, depression, bipolar, alcoholism, addiction or anything else that falls within this bell curve have finally been given the chance to seek help and to do so without repercussion in whatever form that arrives. The benefits of a career like this are as close to endless as any, not least of all, you will have the chance to make a real difference to those with difficult life issues. By going down this career path, you will be getting paid to enter an industry where demand is on the rise and job satisfaction is almost unparalleled. Surely that makes it worth a look.

Computer Software Engineer

Reading that title may well have made you yawn (it did us), but there is so much variety to be had within this field and you don’t even need a degree if you’re smart about it. This is the technology sector we are talking about, an industry that thrives off innovation and creativity and collaboration, not to mention a career choice that is pretty much absolutely future-proof. While the title may be as dull as dishwater, the chance to combine creativity with mathematical skills to develop the very programs that make our tech so awesome to use is incredible. It’s like being a modern day, Alan Turing. What’s even better than getting to live out this fantasy is the fact the current median pay is just over $90,000, which will surely go up with the amazing rates of demand we’re currently seeing.

Registered Nurse

It is one of the most commonly cited careers people wish they had pursued. Sure, it is about as far from easy as the Enigma Code (another Alan Turing reference there), but that is made up by the stimulation and reward it offers. Seriously, it is one of the most amazing career choices you can explore and make a reality by becoming a Master of Nursing online. The job is exciting. No day is ever that boring. The opportunities are endless. And the room for advancement is infinite. In terms of salary, the median pay is $68,500 for a registered nurse. More amazing yet, the more qualified and experienced you become the more that monthly pay packet will rise… and it’s not like we will ever stop needing nurses either, is it?


This is one of those jobs that about 93% of children say they want to have, and too right. Vets get to work directly with animals on a daily basis and play that all-important role of making sick animals as good as new again. It’s all about spotting diseases and disorders and administering the right treatment to make them smile again. It is one of the few jobs where your passion can lead to a very generous salary too. It is top dollar and, by top dollar, we’re talking well into the $80,000 mark. What’s more, the growth rate is staggering, with opportunities broadening like never before and the chance to develop projected to boom yet again.

Home Care

It is one of those sectors that, like nursing, can be as tough to handle some days, but that is balanced out by the rewards you get to reap. You are helping people who are no longer able to help themselves. Yes, you are there in a professional capacity, but you will quickly find you become their most trusted friend as well. You are like an added extension of their family. If you are unsure of what this actual job role requires, a care aide assists those that can’t look after themselves, and you provide this service within the comfort of their own home.

The bittersweet truth of it is, however, that it is an area of growing demand. Thanks to the improvements in technology and medicine, people are living longer and that means the elderly population is growing year on year. In terms of pay, you can become a carer and start making near enough $20,000. You can’t put a price on the intrinsic rewards, though.

Remember to Look Both Ways

Of course, choosing your career isn’t all about knowing which jobs are on the up and up. It is also knowing about which careers are in decline. Sure, they may still be existing in amazingly large numbers, but it is worth knowing that their days are numbered. Even if you are immeasurably passionate about one of these fields, it could be worth taking a new approach and finding out whether there is a similar career path available (one that doesn’t have the same bleak future). The kind of careers we are talking about include:

  1. Careers with the postal service, a sector that is becoming increasingly automated and digital.
  2. Telemarketing is another one you’ll be happy to know is on the decline, meaning fewer phone calls while you’re trying to eat your dinner.
  3. Carpentry is another one that is feeling the effects of mass-manufacturing at the moment. Prefabrication has taken the furniture market by storm. Companies like Ikea and Target having hit the carpentry market by 21%.



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