A Woman’s Guide to Protecting Herself in A Workplace Environment

In too many ways, it’s still a man’s world out there.   There is no place that makes this fact more evident than the business world. Though things have begun to turn around in recent years, the ratio of men to women in high business positions is pathetic to say the least. Men hold 88% of the world’s board seats in companies. That leaves women with a whopping 12 percent of the ruling power.

In addition to this, women only get paid an average of 77% of what men earn in the world. When everyone is doing the same job, to discriminate against somebody because of their sex is more than ridiculous.

workplace equality

The workplace is not a safe or fair environment for a woman by any means. Though things need to change and are slowly on their way, the rate at which things are changing is not fast enough. This means women have to take matter into their own hands. If you’re a woman in the workplace who feels at risk and feels like you’re treated unfairly, here’s a guide for protecting yourself and getting the treatment you deserve:

Don’t Take Crap

When you get hired onto a firm or company and wages are being discussed, go in knowing what your coworkers are making on average. If your employer tries to lowball you, you’ll know and you’ll be able to come back at them with a counter offer.

If you’re entering into a new position, it is a fragile situation to be in.  But if you’re afraid you might not get the job because you’re trying to be treated as equal with your male counterparts, you probably don’t want to be part of that business anyway. Go in with an attitude that you’re not going to take any less than what you deserve. When you act with confidence, often  you’ll find an establishment that will honor that.

Focus On Your Own Security

It’s a dog eat dog world out there and nobody is watching your back, so it’s up to you to defend and protect yourself. This is true in many different aspects, including your work on the computer and online. Business can require that classified information not get let out. If you’re handling the information and you’re passing it from internet server to server, your job security could be at risk. Know what steps you have to take to ensure you’re not the one dealing with a security breach.

internet security

Every company has security protocol.  From your first day at work, be sure you are familiar with the company procedures for information security.  Don’t mix personal and business activity.  Whether intentional or accidental, you don’t want to find yourself at the center of an internal investigation of breached security.

Workplace Equality And Security Are Your Rights

All of this may sound like you’re at risk at every turn in the business world.  In reality, it’s just about being smart as you advance your career.  On the one hand you perform and deliver your best.  On the other hand, it’s only prudent to make sure you’re not vulnerable and that you protect your most valuable asset.  And that most valuable asset it you.


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