Do Women In The Workplace Need Plastic Surgery To Advance?

No one wants to admit it, but men and women are held to different aesthetic standards in the workplace. While heavy men have no problem climbing the rungs of power, overweight women are ignored. Women with small breasts may be disregarded, while those with large breasts are often shamed for their clothing choices. When it comes to appearances, women need to strike the perfect balance.

The struggle to conform to sexist workplace standards leaves many women wondering whether plastic surgery could be the answer to their woes – and it shouldn’t be taken off the table. Certain minor procedures can give you a workplace advantage, even if it’s only because they boost your confidence and give you the wherewithal to assert yourself.

Start Small

If you’re worried about your professional presentation, don’t just go right to plastic surgery. Instead, approach the issue by making small changes, such as carefully selecting a wardrobe that makes you feel great. That means choosing clothing that is age appropriate, fashionable, and sufficiently comfortable. While you may not be able to wear your favorite sweats to work, you don’t have to spend your days pulling at an uncomfortable polyester suit jacket.

Choosing the right clothes is especially important if you have aspects of your body you’d like to disguise. Women with large breasts, for example, often dress to diminish their bust so that they’ll be seen as work appropriate. Men generally don’t have this problem because men’s work attire is more uniform – slacks, button down shirt, tie, done.

Other ways to alter your appearance without opting for surgery include getting a new haircut, glasses, or changing your makeup routine. Even little things like pampering yourself with new soaps or a long bath at home can help you tune into your body and change how you navigate the workplace.

Highlight Pain Points

The best way to gain power in the office place, appearance aside, is to project authority in your interactions with others. If you’re feeling down about particular aspects of your appearance, though, you may find it hard to do this. That’s when surgery enters the picture.

One popular aesthetic procedure for professionals is liposuction, specifically for what many in the field call “yoga abs.” After all, yoga is one of the most popular activities among professional women who want to look their best, but it can be hard to find a yoga studio and fit regular classes into your schedule when you’re working a high-powered job. A little liposuction can reveal the toned body you already have underneath even just a little fat, making your clothes fit better and boosting your confidence.

A less well-known procedure gaining popularity among professional women as of 2017 is nipple reduction surgery. Though most people think of breast augmentation as consisting exclusively of implants or reduction procedures, some women are self-conscious about nipple size and seek to have them reduced. Those who pursue the procedure find that their clothing looks better, they can wear thinner, more comfortable bras, and they don’t have to worry about looking unprofessional because of an unusually thin shirt or cold office.

As plastic surgery becomes more mainstream, both men and women are pursuing surgical assistance to look their best. Still, the balance leans more towards women and though we can fight that trend, we also have to navigate the current strictures of the workplace. The best decision is the one that makes you feel comfortable and confident, that lifts you up and helps you lift other women up along the way.