Workin’ 9 to 5: 7 Jobs That Bring Out The Best in Women

pharmacy technician

Nowadays, there’s a new stereotype in town when it comes to women in the workplace. More and more, women are being seen as a new force in the workplace. They’re fast catching up to men in the business world as well as taking over many traditionally male-dominated roles.

Make no mistake, total gender equality is still a way off, but we’re getting there.

As wonderful as it is to finally come across as equal and even better than our masculine counterparts in some aspects, this perception comes at a price. Responsibility, power, and high-pay can detract from the enjoyment of work, and add a mountain of stress to your circumstances.

If your hopes and dreams don’t centre on becoming a lawyer, high-flying executive, or self-employed mastermind there are still a host of jobs for women that pay well and offer immense job fulfilment.

Let’s take a look at some of the best jobs for women that are a little further from the norm.

1. Pharmacist

Increasing numbers of women are thriving in the field of pharmaceuticals. Not only are they opening and running their own pharmacies, but they’re also on the rise within major pharmaceutical companies.

Pharmacists are indispensable to the medical profession. They assist doctors by informing patients about any side effects of prescribed medications as well as the correct dosage. Making sense of most doctor’s handwriting is a skill in itself!

Another aspect of pharmaceutical work is advising clients about over the counter solutions to their ailments as well as complementary treatments for what ails them. Keeping detailed records of each patient’s drug use and medical profiles is another important aspect of the pharmacist’s daily work.

Intimate knowledge of the latest, greatest treatments is essential for success as a pharmacist and it takes many years of study to reach this level of expertise.

Most students specialize in pharmacy after at least three years of college including courses in maths, biology, chemistry, and physics. They must complete a minimum of 2 years pre-pharmacy and 4 years of academic study before they can apply for the state board exam to earn their qualification.

In return for all this hard work, pharmacists earn an average salary of $ 127 000 per year. There’s no doubt that we’ll always need pharmacists, so the job outlook for this profession is particularly promising.

2. Veterinarian

Another job that takes years of study but can bring big rewards is a career as a veterinarian. These medical professionals work in private practice as well as with state institutions to monitor and treat livestock and wildlife.

No day in the life of a veterinarian is the same and the financial rewards can be huge. Veterinarians in private practice earn an average of $124,00 per year, while the average salary for this job is around $88,490 annually.

It can be back-breaking and heart-breaking work but is every bit as rewarding as working in the medical profession with human patients. With so many different kinds of animals to treat, there’s enormous diversity in veterinary work.

To get into a veterinary college you’ll need a bachelor’s degree in molecular biology, zoology, biochemistry, chemistry, or animal science. After that, you’re in for another 2 years of academic study, followed by a two-year practical stint.

The final step is passing the 7.5 hour North American Veterinary Licensing Exam.

3. The Best Jobs for Women in Tech

The tech world has been slow to welcome women but things are slowly changing.

Nowadays, many women are active in the following top-earning fields:

  • Mobile developers at $96,631 per annum
  • Data scientists earning $96,115 annually
  • Developers taking home $93,987 a year
  • UI/UX designers with an annual paycheck in the region of $80,296

There’s no doubt that the future looks rosy for tech in all its forms.

If you fancy being one of these female tech trailblazers, you’ll need to head to college. The minimum requirement for top class tech qualification is a four-year bachelors degree majoring in your chosen field.

4. Patient Care Technician

A patient care technician assists other medical staff with the day to day operations of healthcare facilities.

Their daily routine would consist of things like monitoring of vital signs, observation, collecting specimens and assisting patients with grooming and hygiene. Other tasks could include setting up equipment for other medical personnel, as well as assisting with respiratory care, EKGs, and phlebotomy.

Basically, patient care technicians make life easier for both the patients and personnel in medical facilities by taking care of the finer details. Many patient care technicians choose to focus on caring for the elderly, either as private caretakers or in care facilities.

If you’re interested in becoming a patient care technician, you need a recognized qualification like this technician program. While the requirements for study are easy, and the course is short, it’s pretty intensive.

You’ll need to complete learning modules that include CPR, nursing skills, EKG, and phlebotomy and usually have to undergo an internship with intensive on-the-job training. If you choose to study further, you could go on to the certified nursing assistant (CNA) program.

The pay for patient care technicians is around $29,000 a year and the field has a positive projected outlook of 11% by 2026.

5. Financial Analyst

If you love the intricacies of finance, this is the job for you. Financial analysts spend their time helping businesses to make sound financial decisions by analyzing forecasts, variances, trends and financial results.

They also track the company’s financial progress in line with these projections and are able to advise a change of direction when needed.

It’s a highly-skilled position that requires extremely high attention to detail, strong financial modeling experience, and excellent people skills. You’ll be dealing with executives at the top levels in this job.

To qualify as a financial analyst, you’ll need at least a bachelor’s degree in finance, statistics, economics or related fields. A master’s degree is preferable and you’ll also need several years of experience to reach the highest ranks of this career.

Financial analysts earn an average of $65,000 per year and are usually employed by banks and other large corporations.

6. Audiologist

This unusual job involves testing people’s hearing and identifying any associated problems. You’ll get to fit them with hearing aids and may even get involved with further research into the field of hearing.

It’s a low stress, high paying job, with a take-home salary in the region of $70,000 a year. You will need a doctorate to find a job in this field.

That means a four-year bachelor’s degree in a medically-related field, followed by four years of further study. Some of the required courses include genetics, anatomy, physiology, and pharmacology. After that, you need to complete an internship, pass an exam and obtain a license to practice in all states.

Most audiologists work for clinics, hospitals, and schools.

7. Art Director

This is a great job for those with creative flair. Art directors work in advertising agencies and have the final say on all creative aspects relating to the final product.

A day’s work could include developing ad campaigns, reviewing copy and images to find the best fit, and developing budgets and timelines. It’s a very people-centered job with plenty of client meetings. You’ll need to supervise a team of temperamental creatives and keep them inspired too.

The average salary for an art director is $71,000 a year but can be up to 6 figures at the top agencies. It’s a glamorous and diverse job in a cut-throat industry, so if you thrive on excitement and drama, it’s perfect for you.

Most art directors have at least a four-year bachelors degree in marketing but it’s possible to claw your way to the top of this field based on creativity alone.

Finding Your Happy Place

Pay, position, and power are always the easiest, most tangible way to rate the top jobs for women. However, there’s no way to measure other job-related positives such as a sense of self-worth, achievement, and satisfaction.

If you find delight in a more traditional female role such as interior decorating, child-care, or being a stay at home mom, then that’s the best job for you.

Ultimately, your happiness and sense of self-worth are what determines the right path in life for you – regardless of how much you earn.

It’s Your Time to Shine

Right now, the sky’s the limit for determined women all over the world. Stereotypes are tumbling and opportunities are opening up everywhere.

Keep reading our blog for more career-related advice. We cover everything from landing the best jobs for women to smashing that glass ceiling on your way to the top.