Working From Home: Is This Your New Normal?

working from home

The recent lockdown is transforming the lives of many people who, up until now, worked in an office. After many weeks working from home, you may now find yourself liking it. Over the past decade, many people made the decision to change their work environment to space within their homes.

A New Career

There are many jobs that you can do from the comfort of your home. Businesses now hire remote workers as a way to save on the cost of office space and a benefits package. You can also make the decision to use your skills and work for you. Coders, for instance, work independently. A great way to learn these skills is to take an online class such as the Frozen coding game. It’s a career path that can take less than a year to get started.

Disposal of the Commute

One contributing factor for those who now work for themselves from home was the elimination of a lengthy commute. Getting up at the crack of dawn and exposing themselves to endless traffic for many miles is not something they miss. In many cases, the stress of trying to make it to the office on time wasn’t worth it. Working from home reduces your commute to a few steps from the bedroom to your home office.

Your Wardrobe

When you work in an office, you have to dress a certain way to look professional. This translates into the constant upkeep of your wardrobe. Many women spend thousands each year on their work attire. When you work from home, this is no longer a requirement. You can wear jeans, sweats or even your pajamas if it suits your fancy. However, dressing for work is something that’s essential to keep the two separated and you motivated to work.

Fewer Expenses

Another advantage of working from home is that it’s less expensive. You won’t have to fill the gas tank on your vehicle every couple of days, run up the miles, or make costly repairs as often. You also can eliminate the coffee on-the-go and lunch which can run upwards of fifty dollars each week.

On Your Time Table

Not everyone who works at the office is a morning person. They go through the daily motions because those are the office hours. When you work from home, you set your own schedule. So if you are not one who rises naturally at 6 A.M. you can set the alarm for 7 or even 8 A.M. People who work from home don’t miss family gatherings, school functions and can plan their vacation when they want to get away.

Raising Children

One of the most difficult things for a mother to do is leave their children for ten hours or more each day. When you work from home you don’t have to. You can get the kids ready for school, serve a nutritious breakfast, and drive them to school. You will also be there when they arrive home and can make dinner without scrambling to cook upon entering the home.

Your Earning Potential

As an employee for a company, you wait for them to issue an annual raise. However, the percentage and amount are never a guarantee. Working from home disposes of the business as usual. You also don’t have to hope the boss notices your efforts and wait to see if you are next in line for a job promotion. When you work for yourself, you earn as much as you want. You select the companies that you do business with and set the payment.

Covid-19 is opening the eyes of many career people who work for companies in large offices. After a few months of working from home, you may also now consider it a definite possibility.

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