Why it’s Worth Paying to Hire a Motoring Solicitor

caught by a speed camera

Why it’s Worth Paying to Hire a Motoring Solicitor

If you’ve recently been caught speeding, whether by a speed camera or by police officers, you will probably still feel very shocked and worried about the future.

It may be a relatively low speed, in which case you will probably receive a Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN), which consists of a £100 fine and three penalty points. If you feel this is a reasonable state of affairs, then you should pay the fine and learn your lesson.

Sadly, however, not everyone caught speeding feels they’re being treated fairly by the law, which is where specialist solicitors like motoringoffencelawyers.com come in.

Speed cameras keep us safe, but…

In recent years the number of speed cameras alongside our roads has increased and while it’s thought they save dozens of lives every year, they are also catching drivers who are only just outside the speed limit.

This means that more and more drivers may be accepting FPNs than would have done in the past. A slight lapse in concentration for a few seconds could see a driver slapped with three penalty points, which may affect their job and their insurance premiums.

If you know you were speeding…

You can still benefit from strong legal representation. You may have been late for an important meeting, or you were rushing to work and decided to put your foot down just for a few seconds. The gamble didn’t pay off and now you’re facing a court case because you went quite a bit over the speed limit, or you were on the motorway and you’re looking at a large fine.

Hiring a legal team to help you works in two ways. First and foremost, they can look for inconsistencies in the way the evidence of your speed was collected by the police and also look for any failures to follow strict Home Office procedures. If there are any holes in the evidence, or a vital step in procedure was missed out or not performed properly, then the prosecution case may be unreliable. Savvy, experienced lawyers can see glaring errors that you may not, as you’re too busy fretting about how you’ll pay the fine or do without your car for six months.

Secondly, you’ll have tough, knowledgeable people who are also on your side. It’s easy – and understandable – to feel guilty and judged when you’re being prosecuted for a driving offence. No-one wants to put other people in danger, or be thought of as careless or negligent and you’ll probably already be on the receiving end of comments and criticism. This, on top of feeling worried about your job security, makes for a lonely and scary time.

Motoring lawyers can give you peace of mind

With a good solicitor behind you, you’ll know that you’ll be going into court with strong representation and so you’ll get fair treatment by the magistrate or judge, as well as the best outcome possible. Whether it’s getting your case dismissed entirely, or reducing your £2,500 fine and 12-month ban to £1,100 and six months, you’ll be better off with motoring lawyers than you will be without them.