Your Employment Rights — What You Need to Know

workplace disputes Fairness in the workplace can range from issues of inclusiveness to diversity and beyond. Taking steps towards becoming a fairer organisation isn't just good for your employees, it’s good for business too. Here are three important reasons why you should treat your employees with fairness. 

We are amid a pandemic, a threat to life as we know it, and many people are being affected by it, especially our job security. As a part of a company’s employees, you are part of one of the most crucial aspects of a sustainable business. Machines can’t work without you, and a company is not sustainable without you. Unaware most individuals play a pivotal role in the success of a company. Being treated unfairly in your work environment is no longer accepted by our people and neither our law. We are protected, definitely if you’ve spent years building the company with your fellow employees. Take a look at your employment rights and how you are protected in the workspace. 

Wrongful Dismissal

When you are working for an employer with an employment contract, your job and livelihood can’t just be revoked all of a sudden. Your employer must have cause and evidence. Employees have six months after they have been dismissed, to sue their employer for wrongful dismissals. The absolute best way to approach this is by acquiring employment lawyers. These lawyers can make a significant difference in your case. They know your rights much better than you and they will defend them at all costs. The responsibility is still on you. You must ensure that when you are hired,  you are employed in line with the regulations of law. 

Constructive Dismissal

Constructive dismissal is when you are forced to leave your employment because of the conduct of your employer. Examples of this would be if your employer no longer pays you for your time or they suddenly demote you with no real reason or evidence of your misconduct. These kinds of dismissals are wrong and unfair to employees and should be taken up as soon as reasonably possible after the incident. Your employment lawyers will also do everything in their will to get your job back. Or to get you compensated correctly. It will at least give you some time to get back on your feet and start working and earning an income. 

Dismissal without cause and severance 

Employers have two ways of dismissing an employee, firstly a dismissal with cause. It includes anything from theft to fraud and even sexual assault. In these circumstances, employees who are fired, are not entitled to any severance. But if an employee is dismissed without cause, that employee is entitled to receive severance from that employer. When judges decide on an appropriate amount of severance. They consider the employee’s age, how long they worked at the company, and the availability of alternative employment. If you need help calculating how much severance you should get in similar instances get in touch with employment lawyers now. 

So whether you are legally dismissed but are entitled to severance or are wrongfully dismissed, you need to understand that you have rights. Employers can’t make and break as they wish. You are more important to a company than anything else, it’s difficult to find good, reliable employees. So, if you are one, make sure you are protected when things go haywire.