10 Ways You Can Cut The Cost Of Your Smartphone Bill

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Your smartphone bill has arrived, and it’s a lot more than you expected. Or perhaps you’ve been paying over the odds for some time. Whatever the case, it doesn’t have to continue. What if we told you that there are as many as ten ways in which you can cut the cost of your mobile phone bill? If that sounds like something you might be interested in, read on!

Balance your data

One of the main causes of a hefty phone bill is down to data. Chances are, you’re either using too much, or you simply have too much. If you’re exceeding your data limit, then you may want to consider a package with a bigger allowance. Alternatively, you could monitor your data use and better control it – there are plenty of apps available for this. In contrast, having too much data may not sound much of a problem. But if you’re not using it and you’re paying for it then there’s room to save by switching to a smaller plan.

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Shop around

If you’re coming to the end of your contract, then the ball is very much in your court. If your network thinks that you’re going elsewhere, then they’ll surely offer you a better deal. Regardless of their offer, make sure you take it to their competitors and see if they can beat it. You can compare offers with a little research, but this can be time-consuming. Using a comparison site like WhistleOut or TigerMobiles.com can save time and effort. If you’re already overpaying then, you’ll likely find some better deals.

Control in-app purchases

There are undoubtedly some fantastic apps and games to be found. And while many of these may be “free”, a lot of them will contain in-app purchases. What can seem a small amount of money at a time can quickly add up over the course of a month. Numerous horror stories have surfaced of children unintentionally running up bills into the thousands of £s on parents’ phones. If any children have access to your mobile, you might want to consider disabling in-app purchases or have a secure PIN. This can help you better regulate what is being bought and how much you’re spending.

Call your network

If your mobile phone bill is getting to be too much to manage then give your network a call. Not all networks will be accommodating if there’s an iron-clad contract involved. However, there’s always a chance you can be moved to a cheaper tariff. Suppliers know that consumers aren’t afraid to look at their competitors – so they may look to help you reach a solution rather than be a hindrance. If anything, it’s worth a try!

Find the right plan

With so much competition, there’s no need to be locked into a contract for as long as two years. One option you have is Pay As You Go. This comes down to how much you use your phone. If you largely use Wi-Fi and rarely use your 4G or make calls, Pay As You Go can be an excellent option. If Pay As You Go isn’t right for you and you’re not keen on a lengthy contract, try to investigate cheap sim-only contracts, some of which can be cancelled with as little as 30 days’ notice. A Sim-only deal is especially useful if you already have a handset or can afford to buy it outright and are a great way of getting a better deal.

Beware insurance

Mobile phone insurance certainly seems a sensible idea when you’ve just bought your expensive new handset. In fact, your supplier may well encourage you to purchase insurance. However, it’s worth keeping in mind that this is just another cost to consider – it does add up over the course of a lengthy contract. Many people don’t realise that you don’t have to take out insurance with your network. Many third party insurers can offer you a better deal so shop around as you would for a phone contract.

Use Wi-Fi!

It may sound obvious, but it’s so easy to forget how ubiquitous Wi-Fi really is. Whether you’re at home, the office or at a local café, use Wi-Fi. Doing so can save you data and leave it for when you need it. How often you’re using Wi-Fi can make a big difference but it’s what you use it for that can save some pennies. Try to avoid hefty downloads and excessive video streaming on your 3G or 4G. Save it for the Wi-Fi, and you’ll see how much data you can save.

Recycle your old handset

Although this option won’t cut the cost of your mobile phone bill, it will create some additional cash to fund it! It’s possible to receive hundreds of £’s for your handset if it’s still a particularly in-demand model. Take a look online, and you’ll find plenty of companies offering recycling services. However, you may be able to get more money for your old handset if you take the time to sell it on an online marketplace such as eBay.

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Join family and friends

If you call certain people more than most then why not find out what network they’re on? Many mobile phone companies offer reduced rates and even free calls if they’re in-network. You may even earn yourself and your friend or family member some money if there is a referral bonus in place for attracting new customers. It’s a win-win!

“Free” is rarely free

Deals offering “free” handsets and gifts may well be tempting at first. But when you’re paying over the odds for them over an extended period, they’re rarely worth it. If you are interested in such a deal, try to calculate and find out if it’s good value. It will most likely be cheaper to buy your handset outright in the first place.

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