10 Women’s Fiction Books to Cozy Up with this Fall

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A season of change, fall is best known as a period of transition from the blazing sun to cozy, earthy weather. A season most notable for its changes means it’s time to find your new stack of fall books. Rest assured, we have curated a list of ten women’s fiction books for you to cozy up with this fall. Grab a hot mug of pumpkin spiced latte, start up the fireplace, and grab our favorite women’s fiction books today! 

Before I Let Go by Kennedy Ryan

Yasmen and Josiah Wade are divorced, but is there a chance for a redo? Before I Let Go is a second-chance romance novel that takes readers on a journey through Yasmen and Josiah’s life as co-workers, co-parents, and exes. Yasmen and Josiah have been divorced for a year when Yasmen decides that she has matured and it is time for her to move on. But as she begins to process this, she ponders if Josiah and her could have made it work between them for the sake of their love and relationship. The chemistry between Yasmen and Josiah is still present, but the elephant in the room is if they can make it work the second time around. 

Take it From Me by Jamie Beck

A novel on the themes of friendships and secrets, Jamie Beck explores the lives of Wendy Moore and Harper Ross. Wendy Moore has a compulsion to steal and is forced to hide her behaviors from everyone, including her husband. Harper Ross is Wendy’s new neighbor who is currently dealing with a struggling writing career. Wendy needs a way to stay busy and Harper needs a new story, so the two befriend one another, unaware of each other’s ulterior motives. When the truth comes to light, their friendship is threatened and now they must find ways to embrace their identities.  

A Brighter Flame by Christine Nolfi

Vale Lightner’s family has been distant, but when Vale’s bar burns down, she is forced to make the move back to her familial home despite their differences. Upon returning, she learns that every member of the family has their secrets and is at the verge of their breaking points. A Brighter Flame explores second chances and forgiveness as Vale reunites with her family. Vale has never felt that she has belonged, but as the family members each break down their emotional walls, Vale finds that the place she is truly at home is with her family.

Call Me When You’re Dead by A.R. Taylor

What do you do when your friend asks you to “take care” of someone if something bad were to happen to them? A.R. Taylor has the answers in her new novel Call Me When You’re Dead. The quirky and humorous novel focuses on Eleanor Birch’s life in Manhattan after her friend, Sasha Cole, tells her to get someone if something bad were to happen to her. When something bad does in fact happen, Eleanor is faced with the challenge of finding said person and exacting revenge. But, things take a turn when this person becomes Eleanor’s friend and lover, making her task even more challenging. What does Eleanor end up doing: following through on her friend’s wishes or risking everything for love?  

A Cigarette Lit Backwards by Tea Hacic-Vlahovic

Kat’s goal is to be cool and she is determined to be accepted by North Carolina punks as one of them. Kat attends a punk show where she ends up backstage with a rock star and getting noticed by a journalist, making her into the groupie icon of her dreams. Her life takes a major 360 from this moment and she ends up making poor decisions to embrace the fame she has received. Fame always comes with major consequences and in Kat’s case, she starts to lose her self-identity. Tea Hacic-Vlahovic incorporates humor and honesty in a punk-filled setting to show the effects of glamor and fame on someone’s identity. 

The Sunshine Girls by Molly Fader

What do you do when you can’t get along with your roommate? BettyKay and Kitty can surely relate to this as the nursing school roommates struggle to find any commonalities except for their passion to prove themselves in the world, especially one where women are held notches below men. Set in 1967 with a few time jumps, BettyKay and Kitty begin to form a friendship shortly after a tragic event during their first year at school. Over the years, the two develop a strong bond and witness many life-changing events from marriage to death. But, this friendship soon turns in the other direction and falters. Now, fifty years later, two sisters are shocked by the arrival of a famous actress at their mother’s funeral. Who is this woman and what secrets does she hold about the family?  

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What A Trip by Susen Edwards

This novel will surely take you on a trip! From New Jersey to Florida, join Fiona in her adventures to find out who she is meant to be in this vast world. Set during the popularity of sex, drugs, and rock ‘n roll culture, What A Trip encompasses the journey that Fiona, an art student, and her best friend, Melissa, take to find out who they are and what it means to be an American in their twenties.

Fiona and Melissa decide to go to Florida, where they indulge in tarot card readings and anti-war movements. After their Florida adventure, Fiona meets and begins dating Reuben, who decides to move to Canada to escape the draft. Fiona is challenged by the decision to follow her heart toward a life with Reuben or to follow her passion to have a career in art. What will she choose? Grab a copy of What A Trip and find out!

The Lost Souls of Leningrad by Suzanne Parry

Set in World War II, The Lost Souls of Leningrad focuses on the story of Sofya Karvayeva, a widowed violinist, and her adolescent granddaughter, Yelena, who are caught in the chaos of the city as Hitler’s troops near Leningrad. Admiral Vasili Antonov is fighting to secure a future for himself and Sofya outside of Leningrad while Yelena’s soldier fiancé is transporting food across the Ice Road, both in an effort to save Leningrad. All the while, Sofya is forced to face a secret that might just finish what Hitler started. It’s a historical fiction piece that is bound to capture your attention through the courage, resilience, and love Sofya and Yelena display.

Everything the Light Touches by Janice Pariat

A journey through time, science, and nature, Janice Pariat takes readers on a moving ride with four fascinating characters: Shai, Evelyn, Linnaeus, and Goethe. Shai, a young woman from India, rediscovers the true meaning behind being Indian through her travels through northeast India, where the local communities and natural elements reignite her. Evelyn, in the early twentieth century, is inspired by botany and voyages to the Lower Himalayas. Linnaeus and Goethe are famous figures from the seventeenth century who use the world’s teachings to inspire future generations of botanical sciences. Each character represents unique passions across different time periods, which Janice Pariat weaves together to tell us that all is connected. 

Attribution by Linda Moore

Linda Moore’s eloquent prose takes readers on journey through the streets of Seville alongside art historian, Cate Adamson. Cate Adamson is frustrated with impressing her sexist advisor in her doctorate program in New York until one day, she discovers a hidden painting that will change her life. With the painting in her hands, Cate escapes to Spain to learn more about the past and meets with Antonio, a penniless duke, who seeks to restore his family’s legacy. A novel that takes readers on a quest to uncover the truth behind art and what lies in Cate’s future as an art historian.

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