12 Last-Minute Drinks to Whip Up For Your Memorial Day Party


Memorial Day is a federal holiday to commemorate those who have served in our nation’s armed forces. One of the best ways to thank those who have fought to make the United States what it is, is to spend time with loved ones and take of the free country in which we live.

With the holiday just around the corner, you’re probably putting the final touches on your own cookout, pool party or family dinner that will make Memorial Day weekend all the more memorable. That’s why we’ve rounded up a dozen of the best and easiest drink recipes to complete your party menu. No matter which one(s) you choose to serve this weekend, one thing is required before you imbibe: a toast to those who served. Happy Memorial Day!

Frozen Blue Lemonade

What’s more American than a cold glass of lemonade on a hot summer day? A cold glass of Frozen Blue Lemonade, garnished with red berries, that’s what. You’ll need a blender to whip up this rum-and-blue-curacao creation, but the frosty reward is worth the extra cleanup.

Steak Island Beer Cocktail

Heads, prepare to spin. The Steak Island Beer Cocktail doesn’t have any liquor in it. Instead, it incorporates 48 ounces of lager and four ounces of — prepare for your head to spin again — steak sauce for a bit of zing. It’s a quick pitcher to whip up, though the recipe’s creator suggests mixing the sauce and spices the night before to let the flavors reach their full potential.

Prosecco Float

Wine doesn’t always hit the spot on a hot summer’s day, but sorbet always does. One savvy mixologist decided to combine the two for Prosecco Float, a beverage that’s super palatable, no matter how hot it is outside. All you need is one scoop of raspberry sorbet for every five ounces of prosecco, and that’s it! As an added bonus, the fading color of the melting sorbet over the wine makes for a picturesque cocktail.

Red, White and Blue Margarita

Everyone loves a frozen margarita, especially one with a little bit of flavor mixed into the traditional lime-flavored base. This Red, White and Blue Margarita will have you whipping up two separate batches of margarita so that the final product has a swirl of strawberry and a swirl of lime. Altogether, that’s pretty darn yummy.

Bitter and Bold Sangria

Think of sangria as the grown-up version of the party punch you used to drink in college, or maybe still drink if you’re a co-ed. You can prep a big batch of Bitter and Bold Sangria before the party and watch as your guests go to town ladling it into glasses or solo cups, if they must. At the end of each cup, you can snack on the leftover cranberries in your cup for extra zing.

The Bul

Here’s another beer-based cocktail, the Bul, a Cuban favorite, is an easy, easy addition to your Memorial Day menu. All you have to do is mix 24 ounces of pilsner or pale ale beer with 24 ounces of ginger beer. After slowly pouring the beers into a pitcher, slowly stir in lime juice to bring all of the flavors together. Pour, add ice, and that’s it!

Watermelon Cooler

No summer cookout would be complete without a big, juicy watermelon for dessert … or for the base of a cocktail, in this case. Muddle up some fresh watermelon in the bottom of the glass for strong, sweet flavor. On top of that, vodka and elderflower liqueur bring the party to your party with the Watermelon Cooler.

Mister Three Step

Not every American beverage has to be red, white and blue. Mister Three Step relies on one of the more traditional flavors in the cocktail kingdom: bourbon. It also incorporates vermouth and Campari, as well as an ounce of lager beer. The resulting cocktail has a frothy head with a stronger kick that’s fit for a holiday weekend.

Stoli Mojito

As far as refreshing, hot-weather cocktails go, nothing quite compares to the Stoli Mojito. This recipe’s a classic. Over muddled mint leaves, splash the vodka, soda water and a little bit of simple syrup for just enough sweetness. This recipe’s a winner, too, because it can easily be adjusted to make enough for however many people show up to your place.

Southern-Style John Daly

We covered a lemonade-based cocktail, but the Southern-Style John Daly has another all-American element — Southern style sweet tea. The two take on the strength of bourbon handily, and the resulting cocktail is juuuust right. Pour from a pitcher and serve in mason jars for an even more down-home feel than the iced tea creates on its own.

Trouble Maker

Depending on the vibe you’re going for at your party, the Trouble Maker might be a great fit. The cool flavor of cucumber blends with Belvedere, Bonal, lime juice and fresh strawberries for a flavor that’s light enough for a summer day by the pool.

Uncle Sam-tini

One last beverage, and it’s a sweet ending to the list — the sugar-rimmed Uncle Sam-tini. The vodka base is punched up with a splash of orangey Cointreau, as well as with a dash of agave. With a maraschino cherry and, of course, the sugar rim, the beverage will hit all of the color and flavor notes you’re going for this Memorial Day.

Now,  all you need to do is gather up the ingredients, find one of the best orange juicers you can find, and get out there and start pouring one of these drinks guaranteed to please!

Sarah Landrum

After graduating from Penn State with degrees in Marketing and PR, Sarah moved to Harrisburg to start her career as a Digital Media Specialist and a writer. She later founded Punched Clocks, a site dedicated to helping young professionals navigate the work world and find happiness and success in their careers.

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