Monday Must-Reads

Happy Monday! Here are this week’s five fabulous finds. Make it a great week, and let us know what you think!

1. Is your New Year’s resolution to make a career change in 2010? If so, check out this review of Alexandra Levit’s new book “New Job, New You.

2. “Gen-Y, the Brazen Opportunist, and Curious Case of Penelope Trunk” the fabulous article by Fast Company that inspired my recent post.

3. Top 3 Mistakes People Make on LinkedIn. Read this article on careerealism! Especially if you are currently conducting a job search. You can also check out the author’s free webinar, which promises to help you land a job interview by next week if you follow his tips.

4. 7 Lies we Tell Ourselves about Money by the fabulously frugal, Ramit Sethi. I can relate to several of these points, how about you?

5. Need some inspiration in order to dazzle at your upcoming holiday parties? Check out Whitney Middleton’s recommendations at Fauxshionable: fashion sans debt.

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