A Tale of High Achieving Career Ladies

A Tale of High Achieving Career Ladies

If any of you are like me, you worked your butt off in college to get decent grades and graduate with a major that seemed valuable in the real world. The cycle started at the ripe age of 18 when you started down the long road of your chosen career path. For some of us, we felt the need to prove our worth by choosing majors that seemed to be the most respected, male dominated, difficult or those that typically result in the highest paying careers. Most often I’m talking about those in finance, accounting, pre-law, pre-med or engineering.

Some of these female “high achieving career ladies” may go to class and start joking with friends and family about being one of the few ladies in the classroom who is cute, well dressed and social. These comments come from the completely inaccurate stereotypes of what society has portrayed certain professions to act or dress like. When you are home for the holidays, you love bragging to your relatives or people you run into at the local mall about your internship offers and other career endeavors. The praise you feel from their reactions and those around you temporarily boosts your ego.

As you get over the odd pleasure of being “different” from others in your career or maybe even the feeling of being “superior” to those in less respected majors, you may start noticing a pattern of losing interest in the material you are forced to study. Or, maybe you frequently call your Mom from the lobby of the library in tears to: a) put off studying for another 15 minutes and/or b) “It’s just so hard Mom!” Then you get back to your cube at the library and start wishing you were watching Grey’s Anatomy with your roommates only to face that you are stuck at the library, again…

At that moment, the very tiny nagging feeling in your stomach starts. You wonder if you even like anything about your major… but before you can blink, you landed a career with that big corporation which gives you another temporary ego boost, followed by a job offer at “Big Company USA” downtown Chicago. Before you know it you are stuck living the same day over and over in “cubicle land” wondering how in the hell you got there.

And that’s where this blog begins. If you’re feeling a bit lost, you’ve come to the right place. Ms. Career Girl is a forum where ambitious young women come together to face the ups and downs of life after college. Get ready to face the truth about your career, to find your passion, and learn how to deal with all of the awkward new situations that come along with being an “adult.”

Ms. Career Girl

Ms. Career Girl was started in 2008 to help ambitious young professional women figure out who they are, what they want and how to get it.

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