2 Careers to Have that Fulfill the Desire to Travel in Every Woman

Women are notorious for wanting a lot of things out of life. Even if a woman is very career driven, she usually has the desire at some point to get married and have children. If a career fits into that equation, that’s amazing. If it doesn’t, some women are okay with this. What can be said is that the desires of a woman change in an instant. ‘

For now, the desire is pickles. In the next moment, it could be wine and chocolate, or Mexican food. What a woman has to learn in life is how to make the things she desires actually happen. There is a time in life where sitting around is okay, but the time is now if you have the desire to travel. If all you want to do is take off and see the world, here are 2 careers to have that will fulfill that desire:

Yacht Worker


If catering to the needs of exotic millionaires sounds like something you could do, you might find that applying to become a yacht worker might be the perfect avenue for you to choose that will allow you to travel around the world. The labor is intensive, you’ll spend a lot of time on the open sea and you might not even get to explore the cities you port into, but at the same time, you probably will.

Yacht owners are known to send their yacht to location and fly to meet it there before embarking out on a vacation for anywhere from a week to a couple months. This means you’ll arrive into port and once you’ve accomplished the hard work, you’ll probably be able to explore town to your heart’s desire before the boss even gets into town.

Remember that you’ll spend a lot of nights in limbo while the yacht is getting serviced, but if you don’t mind being without a real home for months at a time, a yacht worker will be a perfect avenue for you to fulfill your desire to travel.

Traveling English Teacher

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If the labor included in being a yacht worker doesn’t appeal to you, you might want to look into being a traveling english teacher. You probably grew up speaking the language and there are people all of the world who want to learn how to speak the language from natives so they get the real experience.

You could find a host of different avenues to travel and teach english. Maybe you stay in one country for a month or two and then you move onto the next. Do some research to see what the best thing for you will be, but this is an option to be able to connect with kids and travel the world.

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