Tips For Starting A Beauty Career

If you enjoy styling hair or doing makeup, a career in the beauty industry is likely a dream job for you. Maybe you want to do makeup for brides-to-be, or for models about to step on the runway or get their photos taken for magazines. Maybe you prefer styling hair, or maybe you just like talking about all of the great things that people can do with their hair.

No matter what type of beauty stylings you are into, there are ways to make a career out of it. Even if you’re simply talented at writing and know a lot about how to make eyes pop or how to design the perfect 80s flashback hair, you can still get into the beauty business.

Get Some Training

If you want to style hair or do makeup for a living, you need to go to beauty school. You can find schools that allow you to focus on one or the other. You can even go to school to be an esthetician, and help people beautify their skin and keep it clean and healthy.

You could also get some less formal training by getting a job at a cosmetics counter in a department store or by working at a store that strictly sells beauty supplies. This gives you the opportunity to do some learning on the job.

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Start With A Website And A Blog

Even if you want to be more than just a beauty blogger or makeup and skincare reviewer, you still need to have a website and blog. Blogging is an excellent way to share all of your tips and tricks with people, and it’s a great way to get on the same level as the people that might hire you to make them look beautiful on their wedding day or prom night.

Your website should show people what you’re offering them, whether it’s killer makeup for their special event or simply a site filled with great hairstyles. Then your blog should be filled with tips and trick, like how they can get that “just stepped out of the salon” look the next day, after they’ve slept on and washed out their hair.

Your blog could simply be filled with product reviews. Being a beauty blogger that does reviews can make you money in advertising, and you might get a lot of free samples and items from companies all over the world.

Pick The Perfect Profession


If you don’t like doing perms, you may not want to work in a salon that still does them. You want to make sure that your chosen beauty profession is one that works for you, and what you like to do. You may decide you simply like doing nails and nail art and go to school for that to get a job at a nail salon.

Luckily you don’t have to learn all the trades in one single school, you can find school that teach them individually and just learn about the trade that you’ve chosen to pursue.

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