3 Career Ideas For The Gal With Itchy Feet


Career Ideas for Itchy Feet

We’re not all made to work in an office environment. For some of us, the idea of spending our time sat behind a desk in a stuffy office, surrounded by hundreds of others is our worst nightmare. We’re not all made to be high-flying office workers, some of us have other callings in life. The truth is, however, when it comes to finding that dream job, it’s not always an easy process.

For a lot of us, all we know is what we enjoy doing, we have little idea about the type of job that we would like. A high percentage of millennials are travel mad, for example, which means that a lot of us have constantly itchy feet. Our lives revolve around traveling and visiting new places, and the idea of office work kills us inside.

The good news is that if you’re one of the gals who eat, breathe and dream travel, then there are some job opportunities that could be perfect for you. Below are three career ideas that are made for the gal who loves to get out there and explore the world.

A nanny

Do you love kids? Are you someone who’s kind, caring and patient? If so, then perhaps a career in childcare working as a nanny could be perfect for you. The great thing about nannying is that if you find a family that travels a lot, you will get to do a lot of traveling. The best thing about this being that you won’t have to pay for anything, from your flights to your accommodation. You’ll get to see various areas of the world without paying a penny.

A trucker

Are you someone who loves being out and about seeing and exploring new places? Then life on the road working as a trucker could be perfect for you, as you’ll get the freedom to spend your time driving from place to place. Truckers transport goods here, there and everywhere, from short distance transportations to long distance ones. So you’d have all sorts of drop offs and pickups to do. The great thing about becoming a trucker is that you’ll have the opportunity to drive to all different destinations. Of course, not everyone is happy to drive such large vehicles, but if you are, trucking could be the perfect career choice.

A travel writer

Do you love writing? Then how about becoming a travel writer? The great thing about travel writing is that it allows you to go anywhere and work. Plus you may even end up being paid to travel if you end up working for a well-known publication. Admittedly, a career in travel writing may take a while to get off of the ground, but with perseverance, you can get to where you want to go.

If you’re looking for a new career but aren’t sure which route to go down, perhaps one of the above suggestions could be a good fit for you. This is especially true if you love to travel.

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