Snacks and Stocking Stuffers You’ll Love


Don’t know what to bring on your next road trip or what to buy for stocking stuffers? I have you covered with these special goodies that will also make great gifts!

Better Body Foods – PBfit Peanut Butter Powder

Brace yourselves, you guys. Low fat peanut butter that you can make? This seems too good to be true, but it is! All you do is add water to this peanut butter powder mix, give it a few stirs and voila! I love this idea as a lower fat version of peanut butter that also travels very well. Grab a spoon or the Crunchmaster Multi Crackers (I’ll get to those in a sec) and you have a tasty snack.

Crunchmaster – Multi Crackers

These crackers have just the right amount of salt and pair excellent with hummus or the aforementioned amazing PBfit powder! Portion control for days.

Among Friends – Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix

Um yeah. You are def going to be among friends and making friends after whipping up this gluten free chocolate chip cookie mix! After baking up these guilt-free healthier-for-you treats for a few friends, they were gone in one sitting! Delicious.

Wild Foods – Wild Chocolate Powder

It says on the package that Wild Chocolate Powder mixes well with butter coffee (probably bulletproof) however I beg to differ. It did not blend very well in coffee. Try protein shakes or other baking mixes instead!

Goddess Garden – Sunscreen & Firming Primer

Love a primer. Not a huge sunscreen-in-my-primer fan as my tinted moisturizer already has this in it. Personal preferences aside, Goddess Garden does give you that glow-y dew-y look and feel. Shine on.

Stocking Stuffers

Gertrude Hawk – Milk Chocolate Crispy Bar

Creamy milk chocolate packed with crunchy crisped rice!  I have it on good authority from a milk chocolate person (I am a dark choco gal) that this bar is the real deal. YUM. Oh and the company also make holiday-themed delights, wedding and party favors, gifts and more. Super clutch when you need something special.

Älsa – Energy Drink Mix

This is supposed to be good for you and boost your energy when used 2x/day. The healthy energy drink mix, Älsa is smarter, steady energy with Cognizin® citicoline for mental clarity and PURENERGY® for a long-lasting boost. It comes in three refreshing vegan and gluten-free flavors: Dragon Fruit, Pomegranate Blueberry, and Three Citrus. Do not expect lemonade or chemical flavored water taste – it’s healthy, natural taste.

Mediterra – Kale & Pumpkin Seeds Bar

Normally this girl wouldn’t like a seedy bar (eye rolls/groans) but this one is great! I love the Mediterranean-inspired pumpkin seeds, pea crisps, amaranth, rosemary, and a touch of extra virgin olive oil to enjoy on the go.

BWC – Travel Size Hand and Body Lotion

This lotion belongs in your purse/desk drawer/car for the entire winter! Natures rich emollients shea butter, jojoba and kukui nut oil combined with aloe vera smooth and replenish to keep your skin youthful looking and vibrant. I love that it’s fragrance-free so you are not offending any travel mates or office visitors!

Earth Science – 145 Night Renewal Facial Lotion

Okay so this 3x/week face lotion is supposed to be for men but I tried it anyway! Night Renewal contains fruit acids to help slough off old tired-looking skin and stimulate skin renewal.  It is also rich in hyaluronic acid, (can be strong, which is why they prolly recommended only 3x/week!) green tea, algae, and ginseng root extracts to hydrate skin and minimize the visible signs of age. It has a cedar mint fragrance and I am okay with it. Campfires and mint hot cocoa anyone?



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